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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    • Hidemasuya
    • Hidemasuya
    • Hidemasuya
    • Hidemasuya

    Hidemasuya sells Japanese and Western confections at the gateway to the abundant nature areas of Shimoyama, which include Mikawa Plateau. Offering a large selection of specially made sweets, choose a Japanese or Western dessert that suits your fancy, from limited-time seasonal choices to staple items.
    There’s also a relaxing café space where you can spend a pleasant tea time. Stop by on your way to Shimoyama.

    Basic Information




    Address 〒444-3231
    12-1 Numa, Hanazawa-cho, Toyota City
    Fee • Magnolia Leaf Mochi (Hoba Mochi): 125 yen
    • Chestnut Compote (Kuri Kanoko): 115 yen
    • Chestnut Dorayaki (Kuri Dorayaki): 125 yen
    • Everest: 320 yen
    • Chocolate Cake: 320 yen
    • Mont Blanc: 320 yen
    • Grapefruit Jelly: 350 yen
    *: All prices are listed without tax.
    Opening days / hours 8:00-19:00
    Phone number TEL: 0565-90-2808
    FAX: 0565-90-3818
    Parking lot Approx. 15 parking spaces
    Holidays Wednesdays
    LINK Hidemasuya Page on the Karen-no-Sato Shimoyama Tourism Association Official Site (Japanese)