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    Cake House Ange

    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange
    • Cake House Ange

    Shortcake, birthday cake, baked treats of all kinds, new creations of the season...
    A wide range of classic cakes and giftable baked goods are available. Made using the best ingredients in the best way, Ange’s cakes and sweets bring happiness to those who taste them.

    Basic Information






    Address 〒470-0331
    61-15 Ishihira, Hiratobashi-cho, Toyota City
    Cost • Castella
    -◘ Matcha castella: \900
    -◘ Wasanbon castella: \900
    -◘ Hojicha castella: \800
    • Mont Blanc: \340
    -◘ The white Mont Blanc is our most popular item.
    • Baumkuchen
    Slice: \200
    Whole (medium): \850
    Whole (large): \1,900
    -◘ Soft, moist cake baked in thin layers.
    • Gateau Ange: \180
    -◘ Two layers of white chocolate cake with a layer of white chocolate in between.
    • Maple madeleine: \180
    -◘ A soft, moist madeleine with the rich flavors of maple syrup.
    • Mt. Sanage Kurihiroi & Oimohori: \210 (Kurihiroi/Chestnut), \160 (Oimohori/Sweet potato)
    -◘ Sweets made with pureed chestnut and sweet potato.
    Business hours 9:00-19:30 (Sundays 9:00-19:00)
    Phone number 0565-45-1039
    Parking Available (cap. 10 cars)
    Restrooms Available
    Closed Wednesday and one unscheduled closure a month
    Directions by public transportation 3min walk from Hiratobashi Station of the Meitetsu Mikawa Line.
    Directions by car Approx. 15min (6.1km) southwards from Sanage I.C. of the Sanage Green Road via routes 349, 348, and 58 (turn left to enter Route 58 and head eastwards, at the Aoki-cho 3-chome 青木町3丁目 intersection).
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