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    Naito Meat Shop

    • Naito Meat Shop

    Ichibanbuta (Pork Loin Cutlet)

    Ichibanbuta (Pork Loin Cutlet)

    Pork from Shimoyama Area. Its high quality and softness is very appreciated by children and elderly.

    【Price (Including Tax)】
    308 yen/piece

    【Sales Period】
    Throughout the year

    【Expiration Date】
    Raw cutlet (covered with breadcrump): 3 days from the manufacture date. Fried cutlets: They must be consumed on the day of purchase.

    Raw cutlet (covered with breadcrumb): Keep it refrigerated under 3 degrees Celsius. Fried cutlets: Ambient temperature (avoid direct sunlight)

    ・Credit Cards: Y
    ・Overseas Order: N
    ・English Available: Y

    Basic Information




    Address 〒470-0374
    Ibo-cho Mukaiyama 20-1
    Opening days / hours 9:45AM to 6:30PM
    Phone number 0565-44-2526
    Holidays Sunday