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    Shokado Fujioka Shop

    • Shokado Fujioka Shop
    • Shokado Fujioka Shop

    Shokado Fujioka Shop takes orders for birthday cakes in your shape of choice, decorated cakes, and so on.
    Contact the store in advance to pick up items from the Shokado Miyagami Shop's entire line-up of sweets.
    Shokado Fujioka Shop also sells high-quality Japanese sweets and manju buns.

    Made using Sanage peaches lovingly grown by local farmers.

    Peach Jelly of Sanage

    Toyota's refreshing "Peach Jelly of Sanage"

    Using large amounts of Sanage peaches grown in the foothills of Toyota City's Mt. Sanage, this handmade jello is meticulously made in-house through a process of blanching peaches, making peach compote, and adding it to peach jello.
    Appreciate the satisfying sweetness and slight acidic tang of real peach.

    【Sales Period】Seasonal (Early summer to late August)

    【Price (Including Tax)】
    1 jelly: 360 yen

    Recommended Seasonal Products

    Kuzu Mochi Bar

    Kuzu Mochi Bar 

    【Description】Made using local ingredients, enjoy the refreshingly cold and slightly chewy taste of kuzu mochi bars.
    【Price (Including Tax)】300 yen 
    【Sales Period】Early summer to mid August

    Basic Information




    Address 〒470-0441
    377-3 Joraku, Fukami-cho
    Business hours 9:00-18:00
    Phone number 0565-76-0302
    Parking Available (7 parking spaces)
    Closed Wednesday and the third Tuesday of the month
    Other shop list Shokado Miyagami Shop
    Address: 3-26-7 Miyagami-cho
    Payment methods Cash, credit cards, and mobile payment app PayPay accepted
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