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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    VISIT TOYOTA CITY Instagram Campaign

    Contest Theme


    Tourism TOYOTA is calling for photos
    of the very best experiences in Toyota City
    that you want to recommend to others.
    From watching a sports tournament to hands-on
    workshops, festivals, and other events,
    introduce your own favorite experiences.

    Contest Theme

    Contest Theme

    Contest Rules

    Photos must have been taken within Toyota City
    between January 2019 and the end of November 2019
    *Any scenery or subject is permissible.
    *Limited to amateur photographers currently residing within Japan.
    *Each contestant may submit an unlimited number of photographs, but entries must be limited to your own work and have not been published previously.

    Contest Rules

    Contest Period

    Monday, July 1, 2019 to Sunday, December 8, 2019

    How to Enter

    Please submit your entry through Instagram using the steps below.

    1. Step.01

      Take a great photo

    2. Step.02

      Upload your photo to the official Instagram app

    3. Step.03

      Add the hashtag #tryittoyota to your uploaded photo and include a description of the location and subject of your photo

    4. Step.04

      Follow Tourism TOYOTA's official Instagram account @tourismtoyota

    *Please be aware that users who have turned on "Private Account" settings are ineligible for this campaign.

    *Although it is possible to upload several photos in one post, please submit only one photo per post.

    *This contest is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

    Selection Period

    The selection committee will reach a decision based on fair and impartial judging.
    Winning entries will be announced on Tourism TOYOTA's website in February of 2020.
    Prizes are expected to be sent out at the end of February 2020.

    Selection Period

    Contest Prizes

    Silver Prize: 5 winners

    Pair Lunch TicketsEnjoy recommended lunches at restaurants in Toyota.

    Bronze Prize: 5 winners

    Toyota Activity TicketsTry out different hands-on experiences in Toyota

    Additional Information

    1. Copyright of all photo submissions belongs to the photographer (contest applicant). However, the sponsor of the contest will possess the right to use the submitted photographs freely and preferentially. Tourism TOYOTA will be able to publish the photos on their official website, and Tourism TOYOTA and recognized third-party affliates will be allowed to use the submitted photos.
      *When using the photos on Toursim TOYOTA's website or on a poster in large format, we may ask you to provide the original data. Your kind understanding and cooperation is requested.
    2. In the case that the subject of the photo is a person, please obtain the consent of the people who appear in that photo. (If the subject is a minor, please obtain the agreement of a guardian)
    3. Photographs that are in opposition of public policy, potentially slandorous, an infringement on privacy, in violation of laws and regulations, or related to any illegal activity are not eligible for submission.
    4. When taking photographs, please take care to prevent surrounding businesses, vehicles, and pedestrians from obstructing the photography location.
    5. Any private information about the applicant collected during the submission process is used only for the following purposes outlined below, and is never disclosed to third-parties without the applicant's consent.

      1. For the purpose of inquiring about the contents of the photo submission
      2. For the purpose of notifying prize winners
      3. For introducing photo submissions in publicity campaigns by the sponsor
      *Contest winners will be contacted through direct message on Instagram.

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