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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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Mar 29, 2019


Three new Tourism Toyota booklets - now available in PDF.

Following our recently publishing of three newly produced printed booklets, we are making each respective PDF available for download. See the "Toyota City Sightseeing Guide" for a comprehensive guide through each sightseeing spot of Toyota, or check "Toyota Travel Handbook" for a compact digest of the aforementioned spots. Last but not least, the "Gourmet Guide" is filled with recommendations for dining, gift shopping, and night life outing. Each material was produced in Japanese, English, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified - please see notifications at the other languages of Tourism TOYOTA for availability in each idiom.

[Toyota City Sightseeing Guide/21.03MB]

[Toyota Travel Handbook/11.2MB]

[Toyota City Gourmet Guide/6.81MB]