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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    • August.8.2019

      Newly Released "Welcome to the Heart of Japan, Aichi!" Special Site for Rugby Fans.

    A host of "omotenashi" welcoming events
    will take place during the Rugby World Cup!
    Throughout the four days of games at City of Toyota Stadium,
    events showcasing the special qualities
    of Toyota City will be held in the area in
    front of the station and at several
    places in the center of the city.
    You won't want to miss these
    exciting events!

    Sep. 23rd (Mon. - holiday) | Sep. 28th (Sat.)
    Oct. 5th (Sat.) | Oct. 12th (Sat.)

    Station Event Area and Kasenshiki Event Area
    Various Locations in the Mountainous Regions of Toyota City

    Rugby World Cup/City of Toyota Stadium Match Schedule

    Sep. 23rd (Mon. - holiday) Wales v Georgia 19:15-
    Sep. 28th (Sat.) South Africa v Nambia 18:45-
    Oct. 5th (Sat.) Japan v Samoa 19:30-
    Oct. 12th (Sat.) New Zealand v Italy 13:45-


    In the middle of downtown, city residents and various organizations will present a program of special performances.
    Don't miss the series of welcoming events under the production of the fourth director of the Nishikawa Company of classical Japanese dance, Kazumasa Nishikawa! These events reflect the Japanese value of harmony, which is central to the culture and art of Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City.


    GAZA South PlazaEating Area

    From restaurants to food stalls, downtown Toyota City offers lots of different cuisine! Have lunch or take a break while walking around downtown.


    Grass Plaza (Former Site of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank)Stage & Information

    At the WELCOME Omotenashi Stage, Kazumasa Nishikawa will direct various programs under the themes of "harmony" and "Toyota's Four Seasons." Local art and culture groups will also present additional performances.
    At the Information Area, you can get information on both downtown welcome events and those hosted in other parts of the city.

    Gen. Dir.
    Fourth Director of the Nishikawa Company Kazumasa Nishikawa


    Kasenshiki Events

    The Yahagi River Festa will present music and traditional dance performances from around the world and Japan, as well as thrilling free style motocross and other festival events along the beautiful natural scenery of the riverside!


    Area in Front of the Station (Pedestrian Mall) [Road Leading from the Station]Market Event & Next Generation Mobility Rides

    Toyota Street Market (Sep. 28, Oct. 5)
    A busy marketplace with arts & crafts, antiques, food, workshops, and more!
    WELCOME Toyota Festa (Sep. 23, Oct. 12)
    A large number of welcome events will present the charm of Toyota in the form of hands-on experiences! City of Toyota Stadium souvenirs and other goods will also be for sale.

    Area in Front of the Station (Pedestrian Mall) [Roundabout]

    Enjoy riding the latest mobility vehicles and more.


    Toyota Sangohkan [Atrium (1st Floor)]Toyota City Industry & Culture PR Area

    A showcase of Toyota City's unique agriculture, industry, and commerce will be on display.

    Toyota Sangohkan [Concert Hall & Nohgakudo (8th Floor)]

    Cultural groups of various types in Toyota City will greet visitors with shows and exhibits.


    Sky Hall Toyota (Free admission)

    Sep. 20, 23, 28 Oct. 5, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 Nov. 3
    Events will include public viewings of the Rugby World Cup matches for fans, sale of official merchandise, rugby-themed experiences, and sale of produce grown in Toyota City!



    Mother Teresa Photography Exhibition [KiTARA 4th Floor M Space]
    Sep. 22 (Sunday) to Oct. 13 (Sunday)
    10:00 AM-6:00 PM. On Sep. 22, open 1:00 PM-6:00 PM.
    A photo exhibit about Mother Teresa sponsored by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) International Volunteer Group.

    Mountain Area Events

    Experience autumn and nature in the mountainous areas of the city with a wealth of special events, including the Obara Marche, Korankei Maple Festival, Jinenjo Maple Festival, Toyota Mikawa Highlands Adventure, Shirokiya Rally in Toyone and Toyota (tentative), and so on!


    City of Toyota Stadium

    Address :
    7-2 Sengoku-cho, Toyota-City
    Access by Public Transportation :
    From the Meitetsu Line's Meitetsu Nagoya Station, get off at the Meitetsu Toyota Line's Toyotashi Station and walk 10 min. Also a 10 min. walk from the Aichi Loop Line's Shin-Toyota Station.



    Toyota, How One Man's Dream Became a World Icon
    You don't need to be a motoring enthusiast to know that Toyota is the manufacturer of some of the best designed, highest quality, finest produced motor vehicles under the sun!


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