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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

  • Rugby World Cup 2019 Thank You

    Dear Rugby Fans, thank you for attending matches at the City of Toyota Stadium.
    Toyota City's autumn and winter provide many different ways to enjoy autumn colors, delicious gourmet food, and more. We welcome you to come and visit Toyota City again.


    Toyota, How One Man's Dream Became a World Icon
    You don't need to be a motoring enthusiast to know that Toyota is the manufacturer of some of the best designed, highest quality, finest produced motor vehicles under the sun!


    • Asuke, Korankei, It's an Experience, Not a Side Trip!
      Asuke offers history, culture and stunning natural scenes. Visit Asuke castle and the old streets of Asuke, try traditional crafts at Sanshu Asuke Yashiki, and admire the maple leaves at the stunning Korankei Gorge.


    • Koromo Matsuri, Toyota's Traditional, Cultural Festival
      Held annually on the third weekend in October, the Koromo Festival features two days of traditional rituals and celebrations. See the streets come alive with all manner of festival attractions!


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