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    Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya

    • Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya
    • Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya
    • Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya
    • Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya
    • Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya
    • Nichigetsu-Monaka Sohonpo Kawamuraya

    This confectionery has been producing its Nichigetsu-Monaka sweets since its establishment in 1916. Otebo beans from Hokkaido are cooked low and slow with high-quality sugar to make glossy white bean paste, and filled in a crisp wafer made from sticky rice.
    The unique wafer will never break into pieces when you hold it or bite it.
    The confectionery continuously strives to break the mold and set new standards for monaka.
    The word “Nichigetsu” printed on the surface of the wafers comes from the flag of Asuke Shigenori, who participated in an anti-shogunate movement lead by Emperor Go-Daigo during the Genko Rebellion in 1331, and also fought as a commander in the Battle of Kasagiyama.
    The monaka has been a well-loved local specialty of Asuke for over a hundred years.

    Basic Information


    Address 〒444-2424
    22 Tamachi, Asuke-cho, Toyota City
    Cost • Nichigetsu-Monaka: 108 JPY
    • Geppei-Monaka: 155 JPY
    • Dango with black sesame and roasted soybean flour: 200 JPY
    • Nichigetsu-Monaka with freshly made Dainagon bean paste: 140 JPY
    Business hours 8:30-19:00
    Phone number 0565-62-0014
    Parking Unavailable
    * If using the Asuke Chuo Parking Lot, be granted a voucher for free parking (void during November and February).
    Closed Tuesdays
    Volume purchases Nichigetsu-Monaka also available in packs of pairs, 5 units, 10 units, 15 units, 20 units, and other quantities up to 60 units (reservations required).
    Retailers • Kitamachi Kawamuraya (3-66 Kitamachi, Toyotas City)
    • Okazaki Civico B1F inside Supika (2-20-2 Koseidori-nishi, Okazaki City)
    • Honokuni Mall B1F "Ai-Ka-Sen Corner" 2-10 Ekimaeodori, Toyota City)
    • Pipitto! Aichi (Aichi Goods Antenna Shop) (Oasis 21, 1-11-1 Higashi-Sakura, Higashi-Ward, Nagoya City)
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