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    Art and Technique of the Toyota Countryside - A Journey Getting in Touch with Traditional Art Experiences



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    After experiencing art at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, where even the building itself is a work of art, we hope that you will visit the Toyota showroom on the grounds of the Toyota Motors Plant as well. There, guests can get a feel for the thought process which goes into vehicle production, technologies used in the process, the evolution of hybrid cars, and other aspects of Toyota's cutting-edge automobile technology. Plant tours are also available by reservation. On the following day, you can make a stop in Toyota City's Obara District where you can find an art museum displaying the traditional craft of Washi Japanese paper-making and experience the process for yourself. This area is rich in natural beauty, and, in November, visitors can see the area's Shikizakura (four-season cherry blossom trees) produce both cherry blossoms and fall leaves at the same time.

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      • Toyotashi Station
      • Renting a car
      • Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
      • Lunch at the Museum
      • Toyota Kaikan
      • Obara Paper Art Museum
      • Lunch in Obara Area
      • Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossoms Festival



    Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

    Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
    Gain an unprecedented experience of art at this refined museum
    Toyota Municipal Museum of Art stands on a part of the hill where Koromo Castle once was. The architecture of this public museum is notable as the finest work of architect Yoshio Taniguchi. Known for its collection of 20th century art and design works, the museum holds many breakthrough modern art exhibitions.

    Lunch at the Museum of Art

    Toyota Kaikan Museum

    Toyota Kaikan Museum
    Global corporation Toyota Motor shows off 21st-century vision
    This corporate museum exhibits Toyota Motor’s latest models, cutting-edge environmental initiatives, preventive and collision safety technologies, and more.
    They also showcase their hybrid technologies and fuel cell vehicle, said to be the ultimate eco-car.
    If you book in advance, you can also do a factory tour.


    Obara Paper Art Museum (Washi-no-Furusato)

    Washi-no-Furusato (Hometown of Japanese Paper)
    The Home of Japanese Paper Crafting, Obara Paper Art Museum
    The people of Obara Village have been making a particular type of paper known as Mikawa Morishita Gami for hundreds of years. Until the Showa period, this strong paper had been used for umbrellas and shoji screens amongst many other uses. See all the depth in this mesmerizing craft and experience making your own washi.


    Obara Fureai Park (Shiki-zakura)

    Obara Fureai Park (Shiki-zakura)
    The Obara Fureai Park acts as a place of recreation and respite for local residents, famous nationwide for its vast orchard of Shikizakura cherry trees that bloom in spring from mid-March through early April, and also in autumn from late October through early June. The blossoms open up in greater bloom in fall than in spring, letting you see both the vivid foliage against the charming cherry blossoms.