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    Toyota's Scenic Spots

    Spectacular scenery abounds in Toyota, and seeing these natural sights is simultaneously calming and refreshing. This feature introduces recommended scenic spots through photos of each season.

    >>> Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossoms

    -Cherry Blossoms That Bloom in Autumn Together With the Maple Leaves-

    The Obara area is famous for shikizakura four-season cherry blossoms, and in one place there are as many as 10,000 trees. Shikizakura flowers bloom in both the spring and autumn! Enjoy the captivating cherry blossoms and fiery red leaves at the same time.

    >>> Korankei

    -Korankei, a Nationwide Famous Place for Autumn Color-

    During the best viewing time in November, approximately 4,000 maple trees change color to create breathtakingly beautiful, magical scenery.

    >>> Toyota Mikawa Highlands Adventure (Lake Mikawa)

    -Immerse Yourself in the Great Outdoors-

    Lake Mikawa, the largest artificial lake in Aichi Prefecture, is used to irrigate the Mikawa region and is surrounded by an abundance of ever-changing scenery.
    When the Mikawa Highlands Adventure program comes to Lake Mikawa twice per year, you can even experience riding in an anchored hot air balloon.
    Why not have fun in the great outdoors while admiring the beautiful lake scenery?

    >>> Mennoki Soft Rime Virgin Forest

    -Scenery Created by Mother Nature-

    In a designated Special Protection Area of Tenryu-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park lies the virgin forest of Mennoki, with beech trees that are over 300 years old. When temperatures reach -5℃ or below, you can see the stunningly beautiful soft rime, where water droplets in the air freeze upon contact with the trees.

    >>> Hyobaku Ice Cascade of Yusui Hiroba

    -Otherworldly Beauty-

    Starting in December each year, a structure is set up in a waterfall near Oidaira Park (Rokurogi) and water is added each day to create a frozen ice cascade. The enormous icicles and enchanting evening illumination make this an unmissable winter attraction in the Inabu area.

    >>> Toyota Oiden Festival Fireworks

    -Gorgeous Fireworks Dance Across the Night Sky-

    The Toyota Oiden Festival, the largest event in Toyota City, ends with the magnificent Toyota Oiden Festival Fireworks. This impressive show includes “Niagara Falls” fireworks, "starmine" fireworks, and much more.

    >>> Otaki Gorge

    -Appreciate the Colors of the Gorge in Each Season-

    The walking paths of Otaki Gorge provide views of giant boulders and the rolling Niogawa River, a tributary of the Tomoegawa River. Fully enjoy the scenery in each season with plum and cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, and maple leaves in the autumn.