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    Toyota Oiden Festival is Toyota City's largest event and, to conclude it with a big splash, the last day features the Toyota Oiden Festival Fireworks. Featuring Melody Fireworks, a huge waterfall fireworks, "starmines", which are complex combinations of simultaneous launches, tezutsu handheld fireworks cannons and much more, all in a thrilling display of beauty. The show spends an average of about 13,000 rounds, and every year some 350,000 spectators gather around Toyota Stadium to watch this magnificent spectacle.

    Basic Information

    Address 〒471-0022
    Shirahama-cho, Toyota-shi
    Cost Free of charge
    *: Sponsor Seats (paid) also available.
    Phone number 0565-34-6642(Toyota Oiden Festival Committee)
    Parking Free, Paid and Temporary parking areas available around the area; however, moving by car highly advised against, due to wide-area traffic congestion.
    Location Shirahama Park (bank of the Yahagigawa River near Toyota Stadium)
    Period 19:10–21:00, Sunday, Jul 30, 2023
    Directions by public transportation •10 min. eastward walk from Meitetsu Toyotashi Station of the Meitetsu Mikawa Line (board from Chiryu) and Meitetsu Toyota Line (board from Akaike), as going to Toyota Stadium and Yahagigawa River, or;
    •15 min. eastward walk from Shin-Toyota Station of the Aichi Loop Line (board from Kozoji, Setoshi, Yakusa, Naka-Okazaki, or Okazaki), as going to Toyota Stadium and Yahagigawa River.
    Directions by car Approx. 20 min. from the Toyota-Matsudaira I.C. of the Aichi Kanjo Expressway.
    Approx. 15 min. from the Toyota I.C. of the Tomei Expressway.
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