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    Nakagaki Sake Brewery


    Nakagaki Shuzo Shikan Refined Sake Brewery brews its spirits with incredibly soft, natural spring water. "Josen" has enjoyed its role as Shikan Sake's go-to product since its establishment in 1900 and offers an incredibly sweet flavor profile with a -8 on the Sake Meter Value (SMV). "Daiginjo" lies on the drier side of its sweeter counterparts while offering a much more robust flavor than typical daiginjo sakes due to the source water used in its creation.

    Basic Information



    Address 〒444-2827
    10 Shimodaira, Amma-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi 444-2827
    Fee Shikan Daiginjo Tobei 720 ml: JPY3,470 (incl. tax)
    Shikan Special Junmai Sake 720 ml: JPY1,345 (incl. tax)
    Shikan Honjozo 720 ml: JPY970 (incl. tax)
    Shikan Josen 720 ml: JPY900 (incl. tax)
    Shikan Kimmon 720 ml: JPY762 (incl. tax)
    Shikan Hatsushibori 720 ml: JPY1,240 (incl. tax)
    Shikan Nigorizake Unrefined Sake 720 ml: JPY1,680 (incl. tax)
    • Sets with 1–3 bottles are available.
    • 2–3 bottle gift boxes are available for an extra JPY300.
    • Prices may change without notice.
    Opening days / hours 8:00 am-8:00 pm (Shop)
    Parking lot 5 spaces (free)
    Holidays Irregular (typically open every day)
    Access by Public Transportation Ride the Toyota Oiden Bus until the Anma Bus Stop. Approx. 5-min. walk.
    • No nearby train stations available.
    Access by car Approx. 30 minutes east on on Prefectural Route 11 from Shidare Interchange on Sanage Green Road.