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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    Country Restaurant Keiryuso

    • Country Restaurant Keiryuso
    • Country Restaurant Keiryuso
    • Country Restaurant Keiryuso
    • Country Restaurant Keiryuso

    Enjoy delicious dishes on the riverside in Okuyahagi

    Serving local food since 1974, Keiryuso's specialty is seasonal dishes and wild game.
    Tables are set up along the Dando River and eating with the stunning view keeps customers coming back.

    Recommended menu

    Dishes made with wild boar and deer

    Safe, local boar and deer in dishes. Delicious without tasting gamy, this natural meat tastes fantastic barbecued or in Keiryuso's dam curry.

    Enjoy hands-on activities!

    A fishing spot is available, letting your fish for trout or grab sweetfish with your bare hands! You can even eat what you caught, grilled and sprinkled with salt (for an additional fee).

    Trout fishing (May–Oct):
    • 1 fishing pole (with bait): JPY 220
    • 1 rainbow trout: JPY 440
    Sweetfish grabbing experience (Jun–early Sep):
    • 1 sweetfish: JPY 605

    • Caught fish can be brought home or grilled with salt (JPY 165/fish).
    • Available to customers dining at Keiryuso or those staying at the campsite.

    Basic Information



    Address 〒444-2802
    17-1 Shizutaki, Tatsuhara-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi
    Cost Seasonal multi-course meals: Starting from JPY 4,070
    Barbecue: Starting from JPY 2,640
    Teishoku set meals: Starting from JPY 1,815
    Loads of Boar Meat! Asahi's Yahagi Dam Curry: JPY 1,540 (JPY 1,430 for mature chicken meat)
    Business hours Meals service starts 11:00 am; last order 3:00 pm. (Reservations required.) Day camping 10:00 am–4:00 pm. Overnight camping 2:00 pm–12:00 pm the following day.
    Phone number 0565-68-3197
    Parking Available (50 vehicles)
    Closed Mon,2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month(Tue if Mon coincides with a national holiday)
    Winter closed in January and February
    Bento Meal Box Availability Please inquire to Keiryuso directly
    Bento Meal Box Prices & Menu Please inquire to Keiryuso directly
    Bento Meal Box Delivery Please inquire to Keiryuso directly
    Directions by car Approx. 50 min. (32 km) northeast from Shidare Interchange on Sanage Green Road via routes 11, 356, and 484 (about 5 min. after Okuyahagi Dam).
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