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    Kuroda Dam

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    Kuroda Dam is a concrete gravitational power generation dam along the City of Toyota's Kuroda River—a tributary to the Yahagi River system. It serves as the upper reservoir and contributing station in a rare two-part pumped storage power system as well as a hotspot for dam enthusiasts.

    Situated in an area known as the “Aichi Highlands Quasi-National Park”, the dam is home to a variety of plant life and the area around the dam lake is perfect for jogging, black bass fishing, and viewing autumn leaves among others activities.

    Basic Information


    Address 〒441-2524
    Kuroda-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi 441-2524
    Cost Free
    Business hours 24 hours a day
    Parking Available
    Restrooms Unavailable
    Closed None
    Directions by car Approx. 50 min. along National Route 153 from Chikaraishi Interchange on Sanage Green Road.
    Approx. 50 min. along National Route 153 from Kuragaike Smart Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway.

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