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    • Blueberry-no-Komichi
    • Blueberry-no-Komichi
    • Blueberry-no-Komichi
    • Blueberry-no-Komichi
    • Blueberry-no-Komichi

    Blueberry Pie

    These blueberry pies are made with Inabu Area's blueberries. Two blueberry varieties are very well combine to make an harmonious balance. The pie dough is made of rice flour "Mineasahi" and almond powder.

    【Price (Including Tax)】
    1,680 yen/whole

    【Sales Period】
    Throughout the year

    【Expiration Date】
    7 days from the manufacture date

    Ambient temperature (avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity)

    Blueberry Financier

    This is handmade financier. We grow blueberries on our plantation and use them in our products. Through the support of a well-known patissier in Japan our quality and name have been kicked up a notch. We won the first prize in the National Best Business Person award for production with raw materials and locally-grown foods. In addition to the blueberry financiers, we sell several kinds of cakes and drinks in our shop. You can also enjoy blueberry picking at our orchard from early July to late September.

    【Price (Including Tax)】
    1,200 yen

    【Sales Period】
    All year around

    【Expiration Date】
    2 weeks from the production date

    Keep at room temperature

    ・Credit Cards: N
    ・Overseas Order: N
    ・English Available: N

    Basic Information





    Address 〒441-2512
    3-6 Nakashimoda, Inamu-cho
    Business hours Friday-Wednesday 9:00-17:00
    Phone number 0565-82-3365
    Closed Thursdays

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