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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    An Enjoyable Tour for Precious Summer Memories


    1 day

    During the first day, enjoy a diverse range of activities at Asahi Kogen Genki-Mura, which has an altitude of 650m and offers opportunities for camping, barbecues, petting zoos, hands-on workshops and stargazing.
    On the next day, see the 5,000 wind chimes that decorate the Odocho Yumekake Wind Chimes display, before ending your visit with a bang at the Oku-Yahagi Onsen Town Fireworks Display in Asahi. These fireworks, which can be seen up closer than any other display, are sure to give you a beautiful memory of summer.

    • Day1
    • Day2
      • Asahi Kogen Genkimura Village
        -Fureai Interactive Zoo
        -Star Gazing Observatory
      • Stay at Asahi Kogen Genkimura Village
      • Odo Yumekake Furin Wind Chimes
      • Okuyahagi Onsen Resort Fireworks in Asahi



    Asahi Kogen Genkimura Village
    Asahi Kogen Genkimura Village
    A multipurpose leisure facility on a highland elevation of 650 m. Enjoy various activities such as camping, barbecue picnics, a petting zoo, hands-on classes, and astronomical observations. In winter, kids can enjoy the Yukisori Sleds Slope. Inside the building is Genkitei restaurant and Genki Market. Genkitei has dishes with locally-grown yam. Genki Market sells fresh vegetables, pickles, and local gifts.


    Odo Yumekake Furin Wind Chimes
    Odo Yumekake Furin Wind Chimes
    An event begun in 2003. In the middle of July, wind chimes join the sounds of the river to fill the Odocho area. The first day of the event draws many visitors, offering opportunities to make your own wind chime, try copying Buddhist sutras or meditation, and much more.

    Okuyahagi Onsen Resort Fireworks in Asahi
    Okuyahagi Onsen Resort Fireworks in Asahi
    From the spectator seats, the Okuyahagi Onsen Resort Fireworks appear much closer than fireworks of other places. Since the area is surrounded by mountains, they cannot shoot fireworks very high. It is to prevent fires. The fireworks therefore explode at a lower height, making it look really close!