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    4. From small ones at calm locations, to huge majestic displays at urban locations, lots of beautiful fireworks..

    From small ones at calm locations, to huge majestic displays at urban locations, lots of beautiful fireworks..

    Special feature of fireworks held in each area of Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Fireworks of an infinity of shapes, sizes, colors and types, from small scale ones at calm and picturesque locations, to huge displays at utterly crowded urban areas.

    Toyota Oiden Festival Fireworks

    Toyota Oiden Festival is Toyota-City's largest event and, to conclude it with a big splash, the last day features the Toyota Oiden Festival Fireworks. The show spends an average of about 13,000 rounds, and every year some 350,000 spectators gather around Toyota Stadium to watch this magnificent spectacle.

    Fujioka Oiden Summer Festival & Fireworks

    Part of the larger My Town Oiden of Toyota City, this event is held at the Fujioka District with locals engaging on the dance contest. Crowning the event is the fireworks display with about 1,000 shots launched in time to background music!

    Karen-no-Sato Shimoyama Summer Festival & Fireworks

    Not many fireworks are launched at this simple but cute festival, but guests get to see them from really close. Traditional summer festival attractions for the whole evening entertain the guests.

    Obara Summer Festival & Fireworks

    The summer festivities of Obara area. The fireworks show in the end features approx. 200 rounds. The fire cascade "Niagara Waterfall" fireworks is particularly unmissable.

    Asuke Summer Festival

    Every August, the promenade along the banks of the Asukegawa River is lit up with candles for the Asukegawa Manto Festival. See also the fireworks festival held in Asuke-cho, and, on the last day, lanterns are sent off into the Tomoegawa River and the Jizo Festival is held. There are also fireworks and the Bon dance to see.

    Asahi Yamabiko Fireworks

    From the spectator seats, the OAsahi Yamabiko Fireworks look much closer than normal fireworks. Since the area is surrounded by mountains, they cannot shoot fireworks very high. It is to prevent fires. The fireworks therefore explode at a lower height, making it look really close!

    Tomoegawa Kingyo Fireworks

    Tomoegawa Kingyo Fireworks is held annually and features an impressive display of fireworks in the river, to resemble golden fish. Then there is also the series of other interesting attractions.