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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    In addition to camping, you can enjoy the whole day with friends or family with facilities for bird-watching, athletics, or viewing a sky full of stars.

    Aichi Greenery Center (Aichiken Ryoka Center)

    This facility offers visitors a variety of ways to enjoy flowers and nature year-round with themed gardens such as Japanese gardens and rock gardens. The four expansive lawns that cover 2.6 hectares are a draw as well. The wide-open space is a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely walk when the weather is nice.
    Visitors can also enjoy nature and outdoor recreation with Showa Forest's barbeque area and athletic equipment.
    Observation paths wind through the forest to offer views of nature and plants, and feeding platforms and birdbaths attract wild birds. Relaxing strolls and scenes of nature await visitors.

    Asahi Kogen Genkimura Village

    A multipurpose leisure facility on a highland elevation of 650 m. Enjoy various activities such as camping, barbecue picnics, a petting zoo, hands-on classes, and astronomical observations. In winter, kids can enjoy the Yukisori Ski Slope. Inside the building is Genkitei restaurant and Genki Market. Genkitei has dishes with locally-grown yam. Genki Market sells fresh vegetables, pickles, and local gifts.

    Lake Mikawa (Mikawa-ko)

    Many people come to see the lake’s seasonal beauty. You can drive around the lake’s 16-km perimeter or enjoy cycling or hiking. There are rest stations, walking paths, bungalows, and camping grounds. You can also rent a boat for a leisurely ride or lure fishing.

    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum

    This folk culture museum opened in 1980. The former villa of a wealthy farming family has been reproduced here, with the rear house, main house, and bamboo house featuring a thatched-roof, wooden construction. The Asuke Mansion reproduces the handmade aspects that were a part of mountain life in the region, among them charcoal brazier cooking, traditional paper making, Kiji, and weaving. Ten different handicrafts are demonstrated by artisans. These handicrafts include ones you can try for yourself.

    Otaki Gorge Barbeque Place

    Enjoy the beauty of nature in this 1.8 kilometer long gorge carved by a river that drops 148 meters along the span. In the summer, it's a perfect place for barbeques. In the gorge, there are five park areas and plum gardens, two suspension bridges, and the 90 meter long Lake Otaki Bridge over Lake Otaki. The well-maintained walking paths along huge and unique boulders, the pristine river, and trees offer great hiking.

    Mt. Sanage

    The 629 meter-high Mt. Sanage has long been considered a holy mountain. Beginning hikers and families can enjoy hiking on its slopes.

    Suigen Park

    A cycling course runs from Suigen Park through sights such as the Toyota Arrows Bridge and Foresta Hills.