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    Mt. Sanage

    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage
    • Mt. Sanage

    Elevation: 629m. Mt. Sanage has been worshiped as a sacred mountain since ancient times. The main Sanage-jinja Shrine at the foot of the mountain, and the eastern and western shrines on the mountain slopes are collectively known as Sanage Sanja Daimyojin.
    There are also many notable spots, including the summit of Mt. Sanage, with its views of Mt. Haku and Mt. Ontake in the distance; huge boulders and stones like the boat-shaped Ofunaishi, and the Toromiru Water Mill, and both novice mountaineers and families enjoy hiking here.

    Annual Events

    Sanage-jinja Shrine Autumn Foliage (mid to late November)

    In autumn, the maple forest around Sanage-jinja Shrine in the foothills turns a deep crimson, to the delight of visitors. The maple tree in front of the Tosho-ji Temple Daihiden Hall is particularly famed for its beauty.

    Mt. Sanage Foothills Peach Blossoms (late March to mid-April)

    The Sanage area is called “Momo no Sato” (peach country), and boasts one of the largest peach harvests in the prefecture! In spring, the foothills are filled with blooming peach blossoms, like the world of the fable The Peach Blossom Land.

    Basic Information


    Address 〒470-0361
    Washitori, Sanage-cho, Toyota City
    Fee Free admission
    Opening days / hours Open all day
    Parking lot Free parking for 50 vehicles.
    Holidays None
    Access by car 30 min. north of the Sanage Green Road Sanage Interchange