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    Autumn Leaves

    With its brilliant fall foliage and abundant nature, Toyota-City is a perfect autumnal destination. It features many unique sights such as Korankei, known nationwide for its autumn colors, and Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom trees, which offer the rare combination of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.


    Korankei Maple Festival (Korankei Momiji Matsuri)

    Korankei is known nationwide as a place to go and see autumn leaves. A "momiji matsuri", or "autumn leaves viewing festival", is held every year in November, which is the best time to see Korankei is one of the best-known places in Japan to see autumn leaves. The Maple Festival is held each year in November, the peak timing to see the fall foliage on approximately 4,000 maple trees. A variety of events are held primarily on weekends during the festival, such as Japanese drum performances, tea ceremonies, festival music, and other performances. Every night from sundown to 9:00pm, the leaves are illuminated to create a scene of otherworldly beauty.colored leaves on maple trees that are said to number around 4,000.


    Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom Festival

    Approximately 10,000 shikizakura trees are planted throughout the Obara region, well known for the cherry blossoms that bloom both in spring and autumn. They begin blooming in the fall around October but reach their peak in November, when the Shikizakura Festival is held in various places around the Obara region. The main location is Obara Fureai Park near the Obara Branch Office of Toyota City Hall. The park features a variety of events such as Washi no Furusato (Obara Paper Art Museum) drums, stage shows, drawings, a Haiku Japanese Poem contest, and candy throwing.
    At the Washi no Furusato museum, the second venue, events such as outdoor tea ceremonies, koto performances, and a drawing competition enhance the viewing experience for the autumn leaves and cherry blossoms.
    A total of four venues host events and stalls during the festival.

    Otaki Gorge Maple Festival

    • Otaki Gorge Maple Festival
    • Otaki Gorge Maple Festival


    Otaki Gorge Maple Festival

    This festival is held each year from early to late November in Otaki Gorge, a popular fall foliage spot a little less than an hour from Nagoya. The natural beauty of rough boulders hewn by the rapids and red and yellow leaves create a sight not found anywhere else.


    Sasado Autumn Festival

    This festival is for enjoying the red maple leaves at Sasado Park while eating natural yam, a specialty of Asahi. You can also take a hands-on lesson to make a bowl of grated yam and rice or you can harvest yams in the field. Stage entertainment includes taiko drummers, pole martial arts, and acoustic music performances.


    Sanage Shrine

    The spacious grounds of historic Sanage Shrine include a maple tree forest area with gorgeous autumn colors. Trees begin changing color in early November, with the best viewing time predicted to be from middle to late November.

    Lake Mikawa (Mikawa-ko)

    • Lake Mikawa (Mikawa-ko)
    • Lake Mikawa (Mikawa-ko)


    Lake Mikawa Autumn Leaves Walk

    Lake Mikawa, the entrance to Aichi Kogen Quasi-National Park, is surrounded by approximately 700 maple trees. Each year in November, walking events are held to enjoy the autumn scenery. Visitors can choose from three courses: one to enjoy the rustic scenery and food, one that goes all the way around the lake, and one that offers new discoveries about Lake Mikawa.


    [Light-Up is Held] Dreams-Hues-Discoveries Fujioka Autumn Leaves Festival

    Dreams-Hues-Discoveries Fujioka Autumn Leaves Festival encompasses several venues around the Aichi Greenery Center (Aichi Ryoka Center), a place famous for the picturesque autumn leaves. Events include stage shows, local food, nighttime illumination, and other attractions.