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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    Toyota Stadium

    • Toyota Stadium
    • Toyota Stadium
    • Toyota Stadium
    • Toyota Stadium

    Stadium Rusk

    Stadium Rusk

    The bakery Barbara House at Hyakunenso in Asuke collaborated with Toyota Stadium to create this new souvenir for Toyota City. Every piece of rusk is baked to perfection. Enjoy the crispy texture and the tender sweetness that spreads in your mouth. The plain flavor is, of course, delicious, and so are the seasonal flavors that are offered only for limited periods. Give them a try!
     Note: Sold only in limited numbers for events.

    Toyo-Sta Cookies

    Toyo-Sta Cookies

    These cookies are made at Toyota City Sakura Works, managed by Kojima Center for Job Assistance for Persons with Disabilities. They come in Toyota Stadium’s original packaging. The adorable, intricately designed shortbread cookies come in shapes like cars and cherry blossoms, and are made with all-natural ingredients and no additives—they taste homemade! Why not get some to commemorate your visit to the stadium?
     Note: Sold only in limited numbers for events.

    Original Special Junmai Sake: Toyosuta

    Dreams and Impressions Meet Wajoryoshu
    “Wajoryoshu” is an expression meaning that teamwork is essential in order to create good sake. This sake is made with the spirit of “wajoryoshu” and the dreams and wonder of sports that can be experienced at Toyota Stadium.
    Please enjoy the rich flavor. It would make a wonderful gift.
     Note: We accept orders from businesses in units of 12 bottles.

    Basic Information

    Multipurpose toilet



    Nursing room

    Address 〒471-0016
    7-2 Sengoku-cho, Toyota City
    Cost Stadium Rusk (6 pieces, each packed separately): \600 (tax incl.)
    Toyo-Sta Cookies (34 cookies: 8 bags with 4 each + 2 bags with 1 each): \1,200 (tax incl.)
    Original Special Junmai Sake: Toyosuta: \1,800 (tax incl.)
    Business hours • Stadium Rusk and Toyo-Sta Cookies are sold at the stadium café during events.
    • Original Special Junmai Sake: Toyosuta is sold at the Toyota Stadium office.
    Phone number 0565-87-5200
    Parking Available (cap. South Lot 341 cars, East Lot 129 cars, Underground B1 Lot 116 cars) (up to 3 hours free of charge). Access to parking lots may be denied when the stadium is hosting events.
    Large Groups For corporate or otherwise large groups, please inquire in advance.
    Retailers Toyota Stadium 1F Stadium Café
    Directions by public transportation [Directions from Nagoya]
    •By subway and Meitetsu Toyota Line: from Nagoya Station, take the subway Higashiyama Line and alight at Fushimi Station. Change trains to the Tsurumai Line - wait for the train bound to Toyotashi to avoid changing again at Akaike. Alight at Toyotashi Station and walk 15min (1.3km) eastwards via Route 342.
    •By Meitetsu Nagoya Line: from Meitetsu Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu Nagoya Line bound for Chiryu and Toyohashi and alight at Chiryu. Change trains to the Meitetsu Mikawa Line, alight at Toyotashi Station and walk 15min (1.3km) eastwards via Route 342.
    •By Aichi Loop Line: from JR Nagoya Station, take the Chuo Main Line bound for Nakatsugawa and alight at Kozoji Station. Change trains to the Aichi Loop Line, alight at Shin-Toyota Station and walk 20min (1.6km) eastwards via Route 342.
    Directions by car •Approx. 15min (5.8km) northeastwards from Toyota I.C. of the Tomei Expressway via routes 155, and 153, or;
    •Approx. 10min (4.2km) northwestwards from Toyota-Matsudaira I.C. of the Tokai Loop Expressway via routes 301, and 340.
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