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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    A Photogenic Trip: Touring the Nostalgic Sceneries of Japan


    a half day

    The natural environment of Kōrankei is full of signs of the four changing seasons: the dainty flowers of the trout lily (katakuri) herald the coming of spring, early summer arrives with brilliantly bright new greenery, and the trees provide its visitors with shade when summer is in full swing. If you visit in the fall, you will be met with a gorgeous landscape as Kōrankei is decorated with burning red autumn leaves.
    After enjoying the seasonal nature of Kōrankei, try experiencing 'make-it-yourself culture' at the Three State Asuke mansion, a living folk culture museum. Here you can learn the traditional methods for making everything needed in day-to-day life. After the day is over, freshen up at Shirasagi Onsen to leave you feeling warmed up and rejuvenated for the journey home.

    • Day1
      • Korankei Sightseeing
      • Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum
      • Sanage Onsen Resort



    Korankei Sightseeing

    Korankei Sightseeing
    Korankei Sightseeing
    Korankei is widely famous in Japan for the gorgeous maple fall foliage covering the hillsides along the Tomoegawa River. The best time to enjoy the Momiji maple leaves is from mid-November to late November, and there are countless signature sights to experience, such as a tunnel of foliage spanning from the promenade to Kojaku-ji Temple, as well as the display of artificial illumination from the Tomoebashi Bridge in the evenings. In spring, a vast Asian Fawnlily colony (Erythronium japonicum, a species akin to Trout Lilies) forms a lovely carpet of flowers in bloom covering the hill slopes. The beautiful scenery of new greenery sprouting in early spring is also highly enjoyable.

    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum

    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum
    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum
    Built as a remake of a wealthy farming family's villa, this facility features Main House, Rear House and Bamboo House, all exhibiting a peculiar thatched-roof and traditional wooden construction. The Asuke Sanshu Mansion faithfully reproduces the hand-made aspects that were part of the mountain life of the region, among them charcoal brazier cooking, traditional Washi Japanese paper making, and weaving. Ten different handcraft techniques are demonstrated by specialized artisans. A number of those crafts may be experienced by the visitors themselves, so you are welcome to try your hand at them.

    Sanage Onsen Resort

    Sanage Onsen Resort
    Sanage Onsen is Aichi Prefecture's largest natural radon hot spring. The hot spring water rises up from 1,200 meters underground. Nicknamed "Medical Spring Water", it is also one of the few hot springs in Japan that you can drink. You can take in the radon spring water’s beneficial ingredients through the skin while bathing, through the lungs by breathing, and by drinking it. It is popular for its therapeutic effects. There are bathhouses where you can bathe without being a guest lodging at an inn. Since Sanage Onsen is in the middle of Aichi Kogen Quasi-National Park, there is also a Japanese garden. The evening illumination creates a beautiful garden scene.