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    A Trip to Enjoy to the Fullest: Momiji Maple Leaves and Onsen




    1 day

    Kōrankei is famous for its beautiful autumn colors. The best time of year to see the autumn leaves is from mid to late November—while here, try walking along the 'Momiji Tunnel' from the temple entrance road to Kōjakuji Temple, or going to see scenic viewing points such as Tomoebashi, which is known for its beautiful illuminations.
    Experience 'make-it-yourself' culture at the Three State Asuke mansion, before turning in for the night at Sasada Onsen. The evening meal is prepared with locally sourced ingredients.
    During the next day, take part in the Sasada Onsen Jinenjo Momiji Festival, in which you can experience making mugi-toro (a dish made with barley and mountain yam) using the king of wild vegetables, jinenjo (wild mountain yam), whilst taking in the beautiful red autumn colors. At Donguri-no-Yu Hot Spring, you can buy souvenirs at Donguri Yokocho as well as enjoying the onsen.

    • Day1
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      • Korankei Momiji Maple Leaves
      • Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum
      • Stay at Sasado Onsen Resort
      • Sasado Autumn Festival
      • Inabu Onsen Donguri-no-Yu Hot Spring



    Korankei Momiji Maple Leaves
    Korankei Momiji Maple Leaves
    Korankei is widely famous in Japan for the gorgeous maple fall foliage covering the hillsides along the Tomoegawa River. The best time to enjoy the Momiji maple leaves is from mid-November to late November, and there are countless signature sights to experience, such as a tunnel of foliage spanning from the promenade to Kojaku-ji Temple, as well as the display of artificial illumination from the Tomoebashi Bridge in the evenings.

    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki

    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki
    Sanshu Asuke Yashiki
    The Asuke Sanshu Mansion faithfully reproduces the hand-made aspects that were part of the mountain life of the region, among them charcoal brazier cooking, traditional Washi Japanese paper making, and weaving. Ten different handcraft techniques are demonstrated by specialized artisans. A number of those crafts may be experienced by the visitors themselves, so you are welcome to try your hand at them.

    Sasado Onsen Resort

    Sasado Onsen Resort
    Sasado Onsen Resort
    Sasado Onsen Hot Springs is Aichi Prefecture's oldest hot spring, being discovered during the Muromachi Period over 600 years ago. Completely refresh all your senses with the sounds and sights of nature and the healing waters. The local cuisine with river fish and vegetables from the mountains also deserves special mention.


    Sasado Autumn Festival

    Sasado Autumn Festival
    Sasado Autumn Festival
    This festival is for enjoying the red maple leaves at Sasado Park while eating natural wild yam, a specialty of the Asahi area. You can also take a hands-on lesson to make a bowl of grated yam and rice, or even harvest yam roots for yourself. Stage entertainment includes Taiko Japanese drums, Bo-no-Te "Hand-of-Pole" martial arts, and musical performances.

    Inabu Onsen Donguri-no-Yu Hot Springs

    Inabu Onsen Donguri-no-Yu Hot Springs
    Inabu Onsen Donguri-no-Yu Hot Springs
    Enjoy a variety of baths such as the outdoor bath surrounded by seasonal flowers and a wooden bath. The bedrock steam sauna has the aroma of medical herbs. There is also a flowery hot spring. The bathing room has wooden benches and art objects to relax you like in a forest. After bathing, dine at the Donguri-tei restaurant and try their specialties like wappa-han rice with toppings and healthy food with lots of vegetables.