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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    • Local Sightseeing Guide

    When heading to Toyota City's downtown sports and cultural facilities, consider visiting other sightseeing areas around Toyota City!
    From hot springs to nature spots, there are lots of refreshing places located within an hour of downtown.

    Take a tour of downtown!

    • Toyota Ecoful Town


      Toyota Ecoful Town
      Toyota City, selected by the national government as an environmental model city, has gathered next-generation environmental technologies together to introduce efforts to create a low-carbon emission society, the first of its kind in Japan. Experience cutting-edge technology from a variety of fields, based on the theme "Aiming for the 'Normal' of the Future."
    • Toyota Kaikan Museum


      Toyota Kaikan Museum
      Toyota Motor Corporation automatically comes to mind when you think of Toyota City. Showcasing Toyota Motor's automotive technology and approach to manufacturing, the museum welcomes as many as 270,000 visitors from around the globe each year.
    • Toyota Municipal Museum of Art


      Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
      Located on the site of the former Koromo Caste, the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art is a modern art museum with a wide range of works from Japan and overseas. The museum building is also regarded as one of architect Taniguchi Yoshio's masterpieces.

    Located Within 1 Hour!

    Visit sights further afield!

    • Asuke Townscape


      Asuke Townscape
      Asuke Townscape was chosen as the first National Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings in Aichi Prefecture. The traditional townhouses are coated in plaster up to the eaves in order to prevent fires, and the area conveys the look of a town from the late Edo period through the end of the Meiji period.
    • Matsudaira-Go


      Matsudaira-Go was the birthplace of the Matsudaira clan, said to be the origin of the Tokugawa family. Starting with Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine, many other historic sites connected with the Matsudaira clan remain, including Kogetsuin Temple and the Matsudaira Castle Ruins.
    • Sanage Onsen


      Sanage Onsen
      Enjoy a 100% natural radon hot spring and a Japanese garden that is beautiful year round. In each season, enjoy a famous hot spring, a splendid garden, and Japanese cuisine.
      Nearby is Kinsen-no-Yu, where you can stop by on a one day trip to eat at the Japanese restaurant and soak in the hot spring.
    • Kuragaike Park


      Kuragaike Park
      Accessible from the adjoining Tokai-Kanjo Expressway Kuragaike Parking Area, access to the park is very convenient. Making the most of the rich natural environment of Aichi-Kogen Quasi-National Park, the vast grounds have a variety of appealing facilities, including a zoo, botanical garden, guest ranch, a “play house” for children’s play activities, and a parking area observation deck.