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    Autumn Trips in Toyota! Toyota's Little-Known Photo Spots

    Enjoy lots of dynamic and beautiful scenery in the abundant nature of Toyota City. As the weather becomes cooler, head out on a pleasant autumn trip.


    Lake Mikawa

    In the Mikawa area, home to the largest artificial lake in Aichi Prefecture, your surroundings will transform into a place filled with nature. Taste hot pot or Shimoyama specialty gohei mochi at a rest area, admire the colors of the season along a walking path, or stay overnight in a bungalow or campground in the great outdoors.

    Satisfy your love of adventure! Outdoor activities are also

    Toyota Mikawa Highlands

    Holding time: October 22nd (Saturday) to November 13th (Sunday), 2022

    With Toyota Mikawa Highlands Adventure, you can also enjoy experiential outdoor activities such as hot air ballooning, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), air canoeing, mountain biking, camping, and fishing!

    Please check here for event details.

    Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)

    • Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)
    • Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)


    Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)

    Located in the Shimoyama area of Toyota City, Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido), is a street lined with maple leaves in the vicinity of Kamo Golf Club.
    Starting at the junction of Prefectural Road 477 and continuing uphill a little way, the road is planted on both sides with maple trees. Along the way there is also a tunnel of maple leaves, creating some magnificent scenery.


    Otaki Gorge

    Said to be the most beautiful gorge in central Japan, Otaki Gorge follows along a branch of the Tomoegawa River.
    Painted different colors in each season, go for a walk on the paths and enjoy the sight of the red autumn leaves.
    A highly popular spot for families, Otaki Gorge has five park areas and plum gardens, two suspension bridges, a 90 meter long bridge over Lake Otaki, and a BBQ area.
    Visitors can also hike through the unique landscape made up of huge boulders and the pristine river. Give trekking in the gorgeous scenery of Otaki Gorge a try!


    Matsudaira-Go Enchi

    Between Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine and Kogetsuin Temple is Matsudaira-Go Enchi, a historical park rich in nature. With abundant natural beauty and a number of historical sites related to the Matsudaira clan - once a powerful governing clan - the area looks as though it stopped in time in medieval Japan.
    The area has gained popularity as a spot to walk around and appreciate the historic atmosphere. Commemorating the Matsudaira clan are statues of Matsudaira Chikauji and Chikauji's Postulation Monument, while the Muromachi Wall is associated with the Muromachi period and the Tenka Chaya Tea House resembles a samurai's residence.
    The 108 lacquer paintings on the ceiling of Matsudaira Toshogu Shrine are a must-see!

    Rokusho Shrine

    • Rokusho Shrine
    • Rokusho Shrine


    Rokusho Shrine

    Rokusho Shrine is a Shinto sanctuary that traces its history back to Matsudaira Chikauji (d. 1394?), the founder of the Matsudaira samurai family that ruled the lands around the village of Matsudaira from the late 1300s onward. According to legend, Chikauji established the shrine on the summit of Mt. Rokusho so that the enshrined deities would watch over his family who lived in the valley below. However, the mountain itself is thought to have been worshiped as the abode of the divine since distant antiquity, and when a formal shrine was first built on it is unknown.


    Korankei Gorge

    Korankei Gorge is famous as a location for fall foliage. The best time to see the foliage is from mid-November through late November, and there are many signature sights to see, such as a tunnel of foliage spanning from the promenade to Kojaku-ji Temple, as well as a display of illumination from the Tomoebashi Bridge. In spring, there is a lovely carpet of dogtooth violet that covers the grounds. You can also see beautiful scenery when the new greenery sprouts.


    Asuke Townscape (Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings)

    Dating back to the Edo period, Asuke Townscape is composed of roughly 2 km of historic houses that were rebuilt after the great fire in 1775 and coated in plaster up to the eaves in order to prevent further fires.
    In June 2011, Asuke Townscape was chosen as Aichi Prefecture’s first National Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings.
    Conveying the look of the town from the late Edo period to the end of the Meiji era, those who visit will be struck by a sense of nostalgia. Take a leisurely stroll down these charming old streets.