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    Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)

    • Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)\r\nMaple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)\r\nMaple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)\r\nMaple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido)

    Located in the Shimoyama area of Toyota City, Maple Leaves Road (Momiji Kaido), is a street lined with maple leaves in the vicinity of Kamo Golf Club.
    Starting at the junction of Prefectural Road 477 and continuing uphill a little way, the road is planted on both sides with maple trees. Along the way there is also a tunnel of maple leaves, creating some magnificent scenery.

    Basic Information

    Address 〒444-3262
    22 Shiratsuchi, Tateiwa-cho, Toyota City (Kamo Golf Club)* Access map points to Kamo Golf Club
    Phone number •0565-90-2530 (Karen-no-Sato Shimoyama Tourism Association)•0565-90-2111 (Toyota City Hall Shimoyama Branch)
    Parking Not available
    Directions by car •Approx. 60 min. heading towards Shimoyama from Toyota I.C. on the Tomei Expressway
    •Approx. 30 min. heading towards Shimoyama from the Toyota-Matsudaira I.C. on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway

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