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    Restaurant Genki-Tei

    • Restaurant Genki-Tei
    • Restaurant Genki-Tei
    • Restaurant Genki-Tei
    • Restaurant Genki-Tei
    • Restaurant Genki-Tei

    Restaurant Genki-Tei serves dishes prepared with yumetororo—a type of mountain yam that’s a local specialty of Asahi. Enjoy the unique flavor and sticky texture of mountain yam. The restaurant also uses locally grown Mineasahi rice, whose small grain size and sweet taste set it apart from other varieties of rice.
    Aside from mountain yam, Genki-Tei also serves Mikawa beef cooked on a smokeless grill. Give it a try! As for souvenirs, gohei-mochi made with homemade miso is a popular choice.

    • Recommendation Menu!

    Mountain Yam Set
    A value set meal that includes Mineasahi rice, mountain yam soba and more mountain yam cooking.

    Basic Information

    Multipurpose toilet





    Nursing room


    Address 〒444-2843
    68-2 Neyama, Asahiyawata-cho, Toyota City
    Cost • Mountain Yam Set: \1,200
    • Mikawa Beef Set (for one person): \2,200
    • Barbecue Set (for one person): \1,350
    • Gohei-Mochi Set (with soba or udon): \800
    • Yahagi Dam Curry: \950 - Comes with a dam curry card!
    • The restaurant also serves other dishes. (Check the restaurant’s website for details.)
    Business hours 9:00-17:00 (last order 16:30)
    Phone number 0565-68-2755
    Parking Available (cap. 160 cars)
    Closed Thu. (Open every day during summer holidays and Golden Week)
    Other attractions Applications accepted at the Experience Corner near the restaurant, for Goheimochi-Making, Handkerchief-Making by Marble-Dyeing, and other experiential activities.
    Directions by public transportation Please come by car.
    Directions by car Approx. 40min from Chikaraishi I.C. of the Sanage Green Road
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