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    Cherry Blossoms and Spring Flowers

    In the spring, a variety of flowers including cherry blossoms, Asian fawnlilies, and peach blossoms bloom to herald the season.

    Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossoms of Obara Fureai Park

    Well-loved as a place for locals to relax, Obara Fureai Park features footpaths winding through nature so visitors can view the natural beauty of the four seasons as they enjoy a leisurely stroll. Roughly 300 shikizakura (four-season cherry blossom) trees line Obara Fureai Park and the area around the Obara Branch Office of Toyota City Hall next to it, and in the spring they bloom between mid-March and early April.

    Aichi Greenery Center (Aichiken Ryoka Center)

    Each year around April, 10,000 yuki-yanagi and 40 Somei Yoshino cherry trees bloom to create a beautiful flower-lined walkway that spans 130 meters.
    The quiet refinement of the Japanese gardens and strong dignity of the cherry blossoms combine to draw visitors away from reality and into a world of wonder.

    Kuragaike Park

    A family park featuring an expansive lawn, a play house, botanical gardens, a children's ranch, and more. Approximately 1,500 cherry blossom trees can be found in the park, and in particular the cherry blossom grove is filled with 70 trees of about 25 different kinds of rare cherry blossoms.

    Suigen Park

    A well-known spot for flower viewing along the Yahagi River. In the spring, about 450 cherry blossom trees cover the area with their light pink color. A cherry blossom festival is held from late March to mid-April, lighting the flowers at night for a fantastical viewing experience. The festival also features various events such as local performing arts, outdoor tea ceremonies, matchlock gun demonstrations, and a flea market.

    Katakuri Asian Fawnlily Colony of Asuke

    The Asian Fawnlilies of Asuke are located in Korankei, a famous spot for autumn leaves. Every year between mid-March and early April, the slopes of Mt. Iimori become carpeted with these purple blossoms, known as katakuri in Japanese. Nearby are the historic streets and shops of Asuke Townscape, as well as folk culture museum Sanshu Asuke Yashiki.

    Weeping Peach Blossoms of Kaminaka (Kaminaka no Shidare Momo)

    Approximately 3000 weeping peaches flourish in the Asahi District's Kaminaka-cho. The walking paths in the area are lined with beautiful weeping peach blossoms for about 1 kilometer. Early to mid-April is usually the best time to view the flowers, though they can bloom at different times in some years.

    Mt. Sanage

    Known as the village of peaches, the Sanage region is among the top peach producers in Aichi Prefecture. Peach blossoms blanket the foot of the mountain in the spring, creating a sight reminiscent of the Chinese fable "The Peach Blossom Spring." At the height of the viewing season, the second floor of the Sanagekita Center is opened for "Peach Blossom Week" to offer a sweeping view of the peach fields.