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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    Okashitsukasa Fuugai

    • Okashitsukasa Fuugai
    • Okashitsukasa Fuugai
    • Okashitsukasa Fuugai
    • Okashitsukasa Fuugai

    Customers love our “Tankororin”! These sweets are shaped like the tankororin lanterns that light the old streets of Asuke in the summer. Inspired by the soft yellow light of the lanterns on a summer night, the sweet snack is made of coffee-flavored warabi-mochi filled with custard. They look just like the real lanterns! It's the perfect souvenir to remind you of the fun time you had strolling through Asuke. The shop also contains a gallery and a space where you can rest and enjoy tea and snacks.

    Basic Information


    Address 〒444-2424
    7-1 Shinmachi, Asuke-cho, Toyota City
    Cost • Tankororin (1 piece) 270 yen (tax incl.)
    • Shio no Michi Persimmon, Chestnut (1 piece) 302 yen (tax incl.) - A dried persimmon with chestnut and sweet potato filling!
    • Shio no Michi Persimmon, Mochi (1 piece) 270 yen (tax incl.) - A dried persimmon with gyuhi (soft mochi) filling!
    Business hours 10:00-19:00
    Phone number TEL 0565-62-0356
    FAX 0565-62-2263
    Closed Tuesdays
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