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    Black Water Shower Caving (TRIPPER)


    May to October

    • Black Water Shower Caving (TRIPPER)\r\nBlack Water Shower Caving (TRIPPER)\r\nBlack Water Shower Caving (TRIPPER)\r\nBlack Water Shower Caving (TRIPPER)\r\nBlack Water Shower Caving (TRIPPER)

    This newest type of outdoor activity combines shower climbing, where you climb up an invigorating mountain stream, and regular caving, where you explore deep into exhilarating, dark caves. Discover a steep gorge filled with giant boulders and then follow the path of the rushing stream through the gaps in the rocks. Keep fighting forward as you crawl through parts of the course with your face centimeters from the surface of the water. Some places are narrowly passable, while other areas require crawling on all fours.
    This highly unique experience of shower caving will excite your curiosity and sense of adventure. Moreover, the moment you step out of the dark cave, you will be spellbound by the tranquility of the surrounding forest and the beautiful wilderness. Beginners can also safely enjoy the course, and a bath plan is included for washing up after your adventure.

    Basic Information

    Address 〒444-2201
    Cost 8,000 JPY (morning or afternoon course)
    Includes equipment rental, insurance fee, bath plan, and photo data (one photo per group).
    ※ Prices subject to change.
    Business hours 24-hour reception (in the early morning and late at night, please contact via email)
    Phone number 0581-58-2400 (TRIPPER)
    Parking Available
    Closed None
    Period May - October ※ Not including summer holidays
    Meeting Place 〒444-2205 20 Ushiroyama, Nabeta-cho, Toyota City Parking lot of Ryokan Toriko
    Directions by car Approx. 3 min. from Toyota-Matsudaira Interchange on the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway
    ※ Prefectural Route 39 towards Asuke

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