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    Kaho Oumiya

    • Kaho Oumiya
    • Kaho Oumiya
    • Kaho Oumiya
    • Kaho Oumiya
    • Kaho Oumiya
    • Kaho Oumiya

    We are a long-standing confectioner that has been making sweets in Toyota for over 80 years. In addition to traditional wagashi, visitors can enjoy Western-style sweets made with local, in-season ingredients. Young or old, you’ll find a treat you love. We believe that delicious wagashi starts with red bean paste, so we use only the finest ingredients in our signature product, “Sekihan Manju.” Also try our “Oiden Maki,” a confection invented by the store’s fourth-generation owner.
    We spare no effort in making our red bean paste perfect, using traditional methods and coming up with new ways to bring out the natural color, shine, and flavor of azuki beans. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for a snack!


    Ichigo Sakura
    The sweetness, saltiness, and cherry blossom flavor of sakura-mochi combine with the mild tartness and freshness of strawberries in this adorable wagashi. (Pictured below on the left.)

    Nama Choco Mochi (Chocolate Truffle Mochi) (Seasonal)
    We make our truffles in-house by mixing fine chocolate from the Belgian chocolatier Callebaut with rich heavy cream. The truffles are then carefully wrapped in soft mochi and coated in cocoa powder. (Pictured below on the right.)

    Basic Information



    Address 〒473-0914
    24 Tanada, Wakabayashi-Higashimachi, Toyota City
    Cost • Sekihan Manju: \130 (tax incl.)
    • Oiden Maki: \150 (tax incl.)
    • Fresh Strawberry Daifuku: \230 (tax incl.)
    -◘ Available from late November to the end of April (when good strawberries are available).
    Business hours 8:00-18:00 (Sundays 8:00-17:00)
    Phone number 0565-52-0108
    Parking Available (cap. 5 cars)
    Closed Monday
    Directions by public transportation 5min (350m) northeastwards walk from Wakabayashi Station of the meitetsu Mikawa Line.
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