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    Mikawa no dote (Innards Miso Stew)

    Mikawa no dote (Innards Miso Stew)

    We thoroughly stew the small intestine of pigs, konjac and burdock with miso a fermented soy bean paste at a well-established storehouse. We are successful in removing the odd smell and excessive fat from the giblets. Our simple Aichi local dish, “dote”, warms up everyone from the young to the elderly. Put it on a bowl of rice to serve “dotedon”: Miso and rice make an outstanding match. For “dotedon”, we recommend using pork fillet cutlet sauce instead of omelet sauce.

    【Price (Including Tax)】
    972 yen

    【Sales Period】
    All year around

    【Expiration Date】
    1 year from the production date

    Keep at room temperature

    Basic Information



    Address 〒444-3242
    Kondo Shop, 18 Yazawa, Oonuma-cho
    Phone number 0565-90-2016
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