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    MARUKAJOZO (Miso and Pickles)

    • MARUKAJOZO (Miso and Pickles)

    Assorted Pickles

    "Best of MARUKAJOZO" 3-Pack Set Starters Set
    • Description
    1. Pokeweed pickled in soy sauce (80g×1)
    We use 100% Japanese pokeweed. You can enjoy the crunchy texture of the pokeweed pickled in Maruka's homemade soy sauce. We also sell pokeweed pickled in miso.
    How to serve
    Please cut the pickled pokeweed into bite-sized pieces before eating it. It makes good niblets to munch on. It is also good being served with a bowl of rice and/or green tea.

    2. Japanese Jerusalem artichokes pickled in miso (110g×1)
    The Jerusalem artichoke is also called "natural insulin" and it contains abundant "inulin". We pickled the Jerusalem artichokes in Maruka's secret “hatcho” miso. It is good for health and beauty. Please enjoy the crispy texture of our Jerusalem artichokes.
    How to serve
    Please wash away the miso first, and then chop into smaller pieces. It makes a good match with a bowl of rice. It also makes good niblets to munch on. It goes with green tea, too.

    3. Pickled cucumber in Green Chili Sauce (Miso Flavor) (180g×1)
    We pickled fine cucumbers, pokeweeds and green chili in “hatcho” miso. The smooth texture of the cucumbers and pokeweeds becomes exquisite with the spiciness of the green chili.
    *We also sell cucumbers pickled in green chili (a soy sauce flavor).
    How to serve
    You can serve it with rice, tofu or grilled meat. Please enjoy the texture and spicy taste.

    • Price(Including Tax)
    1,080 yen

    • Sales Period
    All year around

    • Expiration Date
    About 6 months from the production date

    • Storage
    Keep at room temperature

    • Credit Cards: Available (Only online at Yahoo Shop 'Maruka Nishimachi')
    • Overseas Order: Unavailable
    • English Support: Unavailable

    Basic Information



    Address 〒470-0332
    91 Kaminoda, Koshido-cho, Toyota City
    Opening days / hours 8:30 to 17:30
    Phone number 0565-45-1001
    Holidays Sundays and holidays, and some unscheduled closures on Saturdays
    Email contact
    LINK MARUKAJOZO Official Web Site
    MARUKAJOZO Online Store (Japanese)