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    Asuke Maido Shoten

    • Asuke Maido Shoten
    • Asuke Maido Shoten

    Asuke Salt Candy Series(Asuke salt / Akamiso / Asuke salt and milk)

    Asuke Salt Candy Series(Asuke salt / Akamiso / Asuke salt and milk)

    1. Asuke salt candy (only available in summer)
    This candy is made from sugar, starch syrup and salt produced in Asuke. Asuke salt is a blend of salt produced in Asuke (formerly an important aspect of Salt Road, called “Chuma Kaido”, for salt trading). The candy is a little sweet and it is safe because we use less additives.

    2. Akamiso candy (only available in winter)
    This candy is made from thick miso. We use local miso from Asuke and Akamiso (red miso) from Mikawa. You can enjoy the smell and the flavor of the miso. This candy is full of nutrients found in miso.

    3. Asuke salt and milk candy(only available in spring and autumn)
    We made the candy a little sweet by adding mild Asuke salt. Please enjoy the flavor of our salty milk.

    【Price(Including Tax)】
    356 yen each

    【Sales Period】
    All year around (items sold are seasonal)

    【Expiration Date】
    1 year

    Avoid direct sunlight, and high temperature and humidity.
    Keep at room temperature

    ・Credit Cards: N
    ・Overseas Order: Y
    ・English Available: N

    Basic Information


    Address 〒444-2424
    (Shop) Shio no Michizure house 12-1 Nishi-machi, Asuke-cho
    (Office) 5-2 Iimori, Asuke-cho
    Opening days / hours Wednesday-Monday 10:00am-4:00pm
    Phone number (Shop) 090-2260-8738
    (Office) 0565-62-1205
    Holidays Tuesdays
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