11/01/2017 - 11/30/2017

Korankei Maple Festival (Korankei Momiji Matsuri)


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Autumn maple leaves that are famous nationwide

Korankei is known nationwide as a place to go and see autumn leaves. A "momiji matsuri", or "autumn leaves viewing festival", is held every year in November, which is the best time to see colored leaves on maple trees that are said to number around 4,000.

Korankei Maple Festival (Korankei Momiji Matsuri)

A variety of events, such as tea parties, festival music, Japanese drumming and other performances, are held during this period, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, there are illuminations every day from sunset until 9 p.m., so visitors can enjoy beautiful, fantastic scenery which is truly breathtaking.

Use the Direct Route Bus for easy access to Korankei!

A temporary, direct route bus will be taking guests to and from the main access points of Korankei and the courses include the utterly famous Shikizakura Four Seasons Cherry Blossoms of Obara and Senmi.
The first 500 passengers of the Korankei - Obara Route will be awarded a souvenir gift of Asuke Castle!
Make sure to use this service and make your Aichi experience all the more spectacular and memorable!

Korankei Temporary Direct Bus Route Timetable

Other Bus Routes

From Higashi-Okazaki Station and Toyotashi Station

Korankei Bus from Higashi-Okazaki Station - Timetable

From Kaminigi (stops at Obara Washi-no-Furusato "Japanese Paper Art Museum")

Korankei Bus from Kaminigi - Timetable

Chubu Centrair Int'l Airport - Toyota (Meitetsu Highway Bus direct route from Centrair to downtown Toyota)

Chubu Centrair Int'l Airport - Toyota (Meitetsu Highway Bus) - Timetable

Chubu Centrair Int'l Airport - Toyota (Meitetsu Highway Bus) - Timetable

•Meitetsu Toyota-Centrair Highway Bus Stop Locations:
-Toyotashi Sta. (豊田市駅前 Toyotashi Eki-mae): Meitetsu Toyota Hotel front
-Toyota Motomachi Kojo-mae (トヨタ元町工場前 Toyota Motomachi Plant): Route 491 at the Motomachi Plant Welfare Center (元町工場厚生センター Motomachi-Kojo Kosei Senta) front
-Tomei-Toyota (東名豊田): At the toll gates of Toyota I.C.
-Tomei-Miyoshi (東名三好): Highway Bus stops at Tomei-Miyoshi I.C. (inside the Tomei Expressway)
-Tomei-Nisshin (東名日進): Highway Bus stops near Nisshin JCT (inside the Tomei Expressway, where Route 58 passes under the expressway)
-Toyota Honsha (トヨタ本社): Road between the Toyota Headquarter Building and the Toyota Technical Center, near the intersection with Route 248
-Mikawa-Toyota Sta. (三河豊田駅前 Mikawa-Toyota Eki-mae): West side of Mikawa-Toyota Sta. of the Aichi Loop Line (roofed bus stop)
-Obayashi (大林): Route 488 near Obayashi-cho 9-chome intersection, near the OASIS gates
-Tomei-Kamigo (東名上郷): On the Route 76 near the Kamigo PA of the Tomei Expressway, where it passes under the expressway (Caution: NOT the bus stops inside Tomei Expressway)
-Centrair - Chubu Centrair Int'l. Airport, Nagoya (中部国際空港): 1F Bus Stop No. 4 (below the Access Plaza)

*: Children pay half fee rounding up every 10 yen.

*: Getting off is not allowed in the following sections:
-Bound for Centrair: between Toyota Motomachi Kojo-mae and Tomei-Nisshin, and Toyota Honsha and Tomei-Kamigo;
-Bound for Toyotashi Sta.: between Tomei-Kamigo and Toyota-Honsha, and Tomei-Nisshin and Toyota Motomachi Kojo-mae.

Basic Information





Address 〒444-2424
Korankei: Iimori, Asuke-cho, Toyota-City, Aichi
Fee Free
*: Sanshu Asuke Yashiki Museum requires admission fee.
*: Subject to changes, please verify with direct sources, such as web site and etc., if needed.
Opening days / hours 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Estimate)
*: Korankei Park always open.
Phone number 0565-62-1272 (Asuke Tourism Association)
Parking lot Available, paid (cap. 2,000 cars, 1,000 yen/vehicle)
Place Asuke Town, Korankei Hiroba Square
Holding time Early November to late november
(November 1st (Wednesday) to 30th (Thursday), 2017)
Light-up illumination From sunset (daily during the festival)
Access by Public Transportation 1-From Nagoya Station, board the Higashiyama Line subway and alight at Fushimi Station.
2-Change trains to the Tsurumai Line bound to Akaike and Toyotashi (may require changing trains again in Akaike - if changing trains in Akaike is not desirable, board the train bound for Toyotashi Station from Fushimi Station).
3-Alight at Toyotashi Station and, from the East Gate Bus Platforms, board the Meitetsu Bus bound for Asuke (足助[鞍ヶ池公園前・香嵐渓経由]Asuke Kuragaike-koen-mae, Korankei Keiyu - Asuke via Kuragaike Park and Korankei).
4-Ride for 45min (fee 800 yen) and get off at Korankei (香嵐渓).
(Reference: http://www.meitetsu-bus.co.jp/rosen/index)
Access by car Approx. 15min (9.4km) eastwards from Chikaraishi I.C. of the Sanage Green Road via Route 153, or;
Approx. 20min (13km) eastwards from Toyota-Kanpachi I.C. of the Tokai Loop Expressway via Route 153.
LINK Asuke Tourist Association Web Site (Japanese)
Event information at Asuke Tourist Association Web Site (Japanese)
Korankei, Old Streets of Asuke, Asuke Castle & Sanshu Asuke Yashiki page on Aichi Now
Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom Trees Festival event page on Aichi Now
Note: This page may not be current due to update time differences between site databases.
Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.

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