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    Asahi Nature Highland - Snow Sled "Gelände" Slope


    12/16/2023 ~ 3/31/2024

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    Asahi Nature Highland (Asahi Kogen Genki-Mura) has a nice snow-covered slope, with snow made with machines. Kids can play with or without sleds - which are also available for rent. Ski and snowboards are prohibited, so its safe for parents' peace of mind, and kids can have a lots of fun! The slope has about 100 meters in length, and a powered conveyor will take the kids to the top of the hill again and again for endless fun!
    In the summer Asahi Nature Highland has grounds for camping and other outdoor activities.

    Basic Information




    Address 〒444-2843
    Neyama 68-1, Asahiyawata-cho, Toyota-City
    Cost Admission fee:
    (same for all guests 3 years old or older)
    Regular: 500 yen/guest

    Rental sled:
    (1 sled/day)
    Regular: 700 yen/guest

    Sledding Wear Rental
    Clothing 1 piece: 2,900 yen/day
    Gloves 1 pair: 600 yen/day
    Boots 1 pair: 800 yen/day
    3-piece set (clothing, gloves, boots): 3,950 yen/day
    *Please apply in advance through the offical website or by phone.
    (Reservation priority. Rental without reservation is still possible depending on the stock available.)
    *Please make a wear rental reservation by noon the day before the day of use.

    ◆Online reservation form (in Japanese)⇒
    *Prices are subject to change, so please check the official website etc.
    *Skis, snowboards and handcrafted sleds are prohibited.
    *Sleds deemed dangerous in case of collision or that may pose as difficult to be controlled may not be allowed.
    *Depending on the weather temperature, sections of the slope may be interdicted.
    Business hours 9:00 - 16:00
    Phone number 0565-68-2755 (Asahi Nature Highland)
    Parking Available
    Restrooms Available
    Location Asahi Nature Highland (Asahi Kogen Genki-Mura)
    Period December 16, 2023 (Saturday) to March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
    *There may be temporary holidays during the period.
    *Season period changes depending on weather and the snow condition.
    Directions by car From the Chikaraishi I.C. of the Sanage Green Road, turn left and head east by Route 153 for 19.3km. Turn left at the Asukawa Crossing (after the gasoline stand) entering Route 366 and head north for 4.9km then turn right to enter the mountain road (approx. 150m after the point where Route 490 meets Route 366). Follow the winding road for 3.5km.
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