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    A night at newly renovated Sanage Onsen's Hotel Kinsenkaku! (Toyota)

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    The newly renovated Hotel Kinsenkaku!

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    Sanage Onsen is a natural hot spring boasting an expansive approximate 66,200-㎡ property at the foot of sacred Mt. Sanage and surrounded by the bountiful nature of Aichi Highland Quasi-National Park in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Sanage Onsen uses spring water directly from a hot spring 1,200 meters below the ground—precious spring water which was the first in Aichi Prefecture to be authorized as a drinkable.
    To say the least, this onsen, or hot spring, is an incredible marvel of nature, but its facilities too are a treasure for anyone wanting to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a little relaxation. One of those facilities is Sanage Onsen's Hotel Kinsenkaku. This elegant hotel underwent renovations to offer guests an even more special experience, so we went to have a look for ourselves!

    Relaxation from the moment you check in at the luxurious lobby

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    Once you get to get to Hotel Kinsenkaku, an expansive lobby greets you with matcha green tea grown in Aichi as well as charming confections as a welcoming show of hospitality. But the hospitality didn't stop there; as we checked in, we also received clear explanations on the facility, dining, and even how to reserve our own private hot spring.

    A healthy menu bursting with energy!

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    To say we were looking forward to dinner is very much an understatement. We learned that the mouthwatering menu items actually use the hot spring water from Sanage Onsen, which got us all the more excited!
    Homemade plum wine came out as an aperitif followed by an almost endless course of hors d'oeuvres, a sashimi assortment, soup, grilled and deep-fried dishes, a meat dish (steamed Sanshu Pork from Toyota) served on a decorative stand, rice, and dessert. The sweetfish, miso, rice, eggs, and a myriad of other ingredients come from Toyota, explained the hostess between our constant barrage of "Whoa!"s as we laid eyes on our next plate.
    And it didn't stop there. Chilled rice wine crafted by one of Toyota's local sake masters, Urano Brewery, also graced our table—something to which no one objected! Finally, the main entree was a steamed dish—the epitome of healthy Japanese cuisine—letting us justify gorging a bit more! The relaxing background music was the cherry on top, creating a warm atmosphere for this unforgettable dining experience.

    • Menu differs by season.

    Ooh la la, onsen time...!

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    We got back to our room and found yukata, or light kimonos, to get us in the lounging mood, but also discovered that there was a yukata corner in the lobby from which we could choose the pattern of our choice. If you're going to dress to impress, you've got to select nothing but the best style for your bathing experience!
    Believe it or not, you can reserve a private open-air bath from your room's TV. We selected the Gemini (rejuvenating bubble baths in pot-style bathtubs for each individual). Other baths are available without reservation in the main bathing area, a spa available without staying the night, and three varieties of reserved baths... The choices are endless!
    The main bathing area also offers a sauna where you can throw water on the stones as you like. The men's and women's baths switch places early in the morning, letting you enjoy a change of scenery as you soak. And when it comes to scenery, the grand spectacle of Mt. Sanage's natural surroundings does wonders for your relaxation.

    Just try and stop yourself from snapping shots of these charming rooms!

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    We stayed in the Luxury B-Shiro (Castle) room. Decorative frying pans and plates festooned the room while bookshelf-pattern wallpaper created a chic ambience making it feel like home. Open the window and you are greeted by lush mountain greenery like fern colonies, working with the interior to compose a simply unforgettable atmosphere.
    Hotel Kinsenkaku also offers its hospitality with amenities: Lotion, face wash, hair care products, and more.

    These other ravishing rooms await you

    Start the day with a proper and piquant breakfast

    After a restful night and morning bath, we were in the market for a little breakfast. And what an incredible breakfast we found! Our table was soon graced with Toyota's Mineasahi brand rice steamed with hot spring water, eggs from the Obara area, and the renowned tofu boiled in hot spring water. But it didn't stop there—sides like grated yam, short-neck clams boiled in sweet soy sauce, grilled fish, and other delicious items kept our stomachs rumbling for more, so we went back for seconds of rice to top with egg, grated yam, and pickles. A rice tub was set up exactly for those second helpings, so anyone could go up and get more as they please.

    In conclusion...

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    This is the manager, Mr. Murakami, who spoke of his pride in Sanage Onsen's quality, adding that anyone coming just to use the baths during the day is certainly welcome. However, he is steadfast in his belief that a night at Hotel Kinsenkaku truly lets you unwind and rejuvenate in an unforgettable way. We found ourselves nodding our heads as he spoke, having experienced that exact thing during our stay: a truly relaxing experience through nature, hot springs, and cuisine.

    Shuttle buses ready to take you to Ghibli Park

    Hotel Kinsenkaku

    Hotel Kinsenkaku offers a shuttle bus to Ghibli Park. Have a ball at Ghibli Park and come back to your home base at Hotel Kinsenkaku to relax and reenergize for the next day's activities. Hotel Kinsenkaku really does keep you coming back.