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    Korankei Gorge vs. Obara Shikizakura: Toyota City's utterly popular spot for autumn leaves!

    • Asuke Area Obara Area

    When the matter is "Koyo" - the reddish maple leaves of autumn - Toyota City's pair of pride spots, Korankei Gorge and Obara, certainly comes to mind. Both places hold Autumn Festivals simultaneously from November 1st to 30th, for a whole month of attractions and sightseeing: Korankei, where the beautiful scenery changes fantastically from day to night, and Obara, where the Shikizakura Four-Seasons Cherry Blossoms compete fiercely for its beauty against the equally gorgeous fall leaves.

    Every year, such beauty increased the popularity of both places, causing congestion and traffic jams. However, in November a Direct Route Bus connecting Yakusa Station to Korankei begins full operation, running the shortest, congestion-free route. Another route connects Korankei and Obara, allowing visitors to tour both places in the same day. Make sure to visit Korankei and Obara, both now much easier to access!

    Korankei - wonderful whether during the day or at night

    Korankei - wonderful whether day or night

    The gorge area of Korankei is said to have about 4,000 trees of Japanese maple trees including "Iroha-Momiji" (Acer palmatum), "Omomiji" (Acer amoenum) and eleven subspecies and variations of "Kaede." During the day, enjoy the tinted hillsides and their upside-down counterparts reflected on the river waters, and in the evening, the fantastic sight of the forest lit-up by the yellowish artificial illumination that turns it into a fantastic sight.

    Korankei Maple Leaves Festival (Korankei Momiji Matsuri)

    Korankei Maple Leaves Festival (Korankei Momiji Matsuri)

    Korankei Maple

    This event takes place at the Korankei Square (Korankei Hiroba) and features, among other attractions, "taiko" Japanese drums performances, "ochakai" green tea service, an earthenware and pottery exhibition, and more. Made lively by the gentle crowd, upon sunset all the lights come up and a truly fantastic scene arises.
    Period: Sundown–9:00 pm; Tue, Nov 11–Wed, Nov 30, 2022

    Spot Overview

    Shikizakura of Obara - the great collaboration between Koyo and Sakura

    Shikizakura of Obara

    The Shikizakura - Four-Seasons Cherry Blossoms - trees of Obara Area give the graces of their flowers twice a year, in spring and in autumn. Currently numbered at about 10,000, those trees bloom when the Koyo (tinted maple leaves) of the countless maple trees planted in intermingled fashion among the Shikizakura reach the peak of their beauty, and both paint the entire Mt. Satoyama hill surface in vivid colors that leaves visitors stunned and speechless. At the nearby Senmi Shikizakura-no-Sato, another 1,200 Shikizakura help in augmenting the absolute gorgeousness of Obara.


    Obara Shikizakura Festival (Obara Shikizakura Matsuri)


    Used and beloved by the local townsfolk as a place of gathering and relaxing, the Obara Fureai Park is the central hub for this event which encompasses several attractions on the satellite venues of Washi-no-Furusato (Obara Paper Art Museum), Hokubu Seikatsu Kaizen Center (Obara North Area Live Improvement Center), Senmi Shikizakura-no-Sato (Senmi Shikizakura Village). To cover the distances between each venue, visitors may use the free shuttle bus "Shikizakura Kururin-Bus."

    Spot Overview

    Column: Autumn In Toyota City's Stunning Korankei Gorge and the Twice-a-Year Blooming Cherry Trees of Obara

    When going to Korankei, use the handy direct route buses! Check below!

    Korankei - Yakusa Station Shuttle Bus

    Yakusa Station - Korankei Nonstop Bus