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    Korankei Gorge vs. Obara Shikizakura: Toyota City's utterly popular spot for autumn leaves!

    • Asuke Area Obara Area

    When the matter is "Koyo" - the reddish maple leaves of autumn - Toyota City's pair of pride spots, Korankei Gorge and Obara, certainly comes to mind. Both places hold Autumn Festivals simultaneously from November 1st to 30th, for a whole month of attractions and sightseeing: Korankei, where the beautiful scenery changes fantastically from day to night, and Obara, where the Shikizakura Four-Seasons Cherry Blossoms compete fiercely for its beauty against the equally gorgeous fall leaves.

    Korankei - wonderful whether during the day or at night

    2023 theme of "Beautiful Colors of Age-Old Trees"

    The gorge area of Korankei is said to have about 4,000 trees of Japanese maple trees including "Iroha-Momiji" (Acer palmatum), "Omomiji" (Acer amoenum) and eleven subspecies and variations of "Kaede." During the day, enjoy the tinted hillsides and their upside-down counterparts reflected on the river waters, and in the evening, the fantastic sight of the forest lit-up by the yellowish artificial illumination that turns it into a fantastic sight.
    Date and time: Wed, Nov 1–Thu, Nov 30, 2023

    Mt. Iimori Illumination
    Korankei Gorge shows its colors even at night. Nighttime illumination of the trees colors Mt. Iimori in shades of gold, creating a surreal view with Taigetsu Bridge's vibrant red color and the lights reflecting off the Tomoe River.
    Date and time: Sundown–9:00 pm, Wed, Nov 1–Thu, Nov 30
    • No extensions to the period or time.

    Korankei - wonderful whether day or night

    Opening Ceremony
    The city of Toyota's Tourism PR Ambassadors come for a solemn yet brilliant ceremony.
    Date and time: From 5:00 pm on Wed, Nov 1
    Venue: Korankei Gorge Square

    City of Toyota's Toyota Illusion Magic Junior Marching Band Maple Festival Traffic Safety Parade
    A parade with a total of 80 musicians offers a powerful performance and colorful parade along the roads of Asuke's historic townscape! Have fun taking in this ode to traffic safety during the Maple Festival!
    Date and time: 1:00 pm–2:00 pm on Sun, Nov 5 (canceled should rain occur)
    Venue: Around the Asuke townscape: Front of the Asuke Community Center–torii gate outside JA Aichi Bank

    19th Yosakoi Dance Performance by Chukyo University's Hachimae Troupe
    Young students dance with their all. Don't miss this energetic performance utilizing the character of the Asuke townscape!!
    Date and time: Parade from Shin-machi area to Hon-machi area from 1:00 pm on Sun, Oct 29
    Performance at the Jinya-Ato Square from 1:30 pm
    • Held at the same times on Fri, Nov 3 (national holiday) should rain occur.
    Venue: Jinya-Ato Square (inside the Asuke Historic Townscape)

    Monkey show
    Date and time: Multiple times a day, almost every day. Times depend on the monkey.
    • Canceled should rainy weather occur. Held during the daytime only.

    Olden-time marching band parade
    Locals volunteer for this odd, olden-time parade using eccentric instruments for an entertaining good time.
    Date and time: Sat, Nov 18, 2023 (Tora Chindon group)
    Sun, Nov 19, 2023 (Toyota Tonohime & Kizuna group)
    Venue: Asuke Historic Townscape–Korankei Gorge (Mt. Iimori side)–Korankei Gorge Square
    • Moving parade only to prevent people from clustering.

    Korankei Maple

    Bamboo lanterns at Kojakuji Temple
    Approximately 1,000 bamboo lanterns line the pathway to majestic and serene Kojakuji Temple.
    Date and time: 6:00 pm–8:45 pm; Sat, Nov 4–Sun, Nov 26 (not held on Thu, Nov 23 [national holiday])
    Venue: Pathway from main gate to Kojakuji Temple
    • Canceled should rain occur.

    Wishing candles
    The riverbanks near Tomoe Bridge will be decorated up with some 800 glass candles lined up along the river.Lining them along the riverside is said to make your wishes come true. Available for JPY 500 a candle.
    Date and time: 6:00 pm–8:45 on weekends, Sat, Nov 11–Sun, Nov 26
    • Not held on Sun, Nov 12 due to Kojakuji Temple projection mapping.
    • Not held on Thu, Nov 23 (national holiday).
    Venue: Right-side bank of the Tomoe River and below Nishi-machi parking lot no. 2.
    • Entry restrictions to the riverside may occur.

    Middle Ages Asuke exhibition in the Asuke townscape
    Asuke is home to ages of history such as that of its renowned Asuke Castle, ringing in its 30th anniversary this year since reconstruction. Asuke also enjoyed a rich history of ceramics as shown by a report released last year on the excavation of the Shiohazama Kiln Site in the town of Hosoda. The report brings to light Asuke's ceramics industry of the middle ages and the fact that the ceramic roof tiles of Asuke Hachimangu Shrine actually came from that very Shiohazama Kiln. Take a step back in time thanks to an exhibition of archeological remains and artifacts, and imagine the Asuke of yesteryear as you walk through its historic townscape.
    Date and time: 9:00 am–5:00 pm; Fri, Oct 20–Wed, Dec 6 (closed Thu, Oct 26)
    Venue: Asuke Chuma Museum
    Price: Free of charge

    Simultaneously held event!
    Folding Screen Illustration of Asuke Jiro Shigenori's Army Going into Battle at Mt. Kasagi, displayed at the Former Taguchi Residence
    The Former Taguchi Residence acts as the townscape information center and is open every day during November.

    There are no garbage cans available in the area. Please bring your trash home with you.

    Shikizakura of Obara - the great collaboration between Koyo and Sakura

    Shikizakura of Obara

    The Shikizakura - Four-Seasons Cherry Blossoms - trees of Obara Area give the graces of their flowers twice a year, in spring and in autumn. Currently numbered at about 10,000, those trees bloom when the Koyo (tinted maple leaves) of the countless maple trees planted in intermingled fashion among the Shikizakura reach the peak of their beauty, and both paint the entire Mt. Satoyama hill surface in vivid colors that leaves visitors stunned and speechless. At the nearby Senmi Shikizakura-no-Sato, another 1,200 Shikizakura help in augmenting the absolute gorgeousness of Obara.
    Date and time:

    Obara Shikizakura Festival (Obara Shikizakura Matsuri)


    Used and beloved by the local townsfolk as a place of gathering and relaxing, the Obara Fureai Park is the central hub for this event which encompasses several attractions on the satellite venues of Washi-no-Furusato (Obara Paper Art Museum), Hokubu Seikatsu Kaizen Center (Obara North Area Live Improvement Center), Senmi Shikizakura-no-Sato (Senmi Shikizakura Village).
    Date and time: Sat, Nov 11–Thu, Nov 30, 2023

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