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Halfway Between Tokyo and Kyoto

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    Enjoy the flavors of the many agricultural products and river fish produced by this area's land, climate, and abundant nature.

    Asahi Kogen Genkimura Village

    The facilities include the Genki-tei restaurant and Genki Market. Genki-tei offers dishes using locally sourced jinenjo (wild yam), and fresh and pickled vegetables are available for sale at Genki Market.

    Michi no Eki Donguri no Sato Inabu

    The Donguri-tei restaurant offers dishes made with local Inabu ingredients such as their trademark Wappameshi, healthy dishes packed with vegetables, and Gohei-mochi rice cakes made with Inabu-grown Mineasahi rice. At the Donguri Yokocho Market, visitors can buy Horaisen sake from Ginjo Koubou, blueberry jam made using only Inabu blueberries, Miso soybean paste and Kibiki tamari handmade following old recipes and using soybeans and salt, as well an assorment of other local goods.

    Sekiya Jozo Sake Brewery - Horaisen Ginjo Workshop

    This is the workshop of Sekiya Brewery, which is engaged in producing fine spirits. Horaisen is a local brew that is quite well-known. Its “Gin,” “Sora,” and “Bi” variants of daiginjo sake are very popular. In addition, they also brew shochu vodka and liqueurs. A dedicated touring passage lets you see the plant in comfort at any time. Book by at least one week in advance of your visit to get a more detailed tour and even take part in a tasting. The best recommendation is the same-day sake brewing workshop. For 10,000 JPY, you can take part in a sake-brewing workshop. There is also a course in which you can taste different kinds and enjoy lunch. You can then take the sake you brewed home with you as a souvenir.

    Masuzuka Miso of Noda Miso Shoten Soybean Paste Brewery

    At this manufacturer of naturally fermented soybean miso, we protect the traditional methods of "wooden kegs and natural fermentation" by using massive cedar kegs.
    The shop adjacent to the facilities measures out and sells freshly-made miso straight from the barrel. This miso maker repurposed a hangar that was used by the air force during WWII and an old elementary schoolhouse for its production facilities.
    There you will find some 400 traditional cedar and cypress barrels in which miso paste is traditionally brewed.

    Natsuyake Onsen Hot Spring

    In addition to healthy dishes featuring wild vegetables, visitors can enjoy Ayu sweetfish and fresh seafood shipped from Ishikawa Prefecture at this hot springs inn.