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    Flowers to Discover in Toyota During Spring

    French-born Angie, who works at Toyota City Hall, will introduce spring flower viewing spots in the city.

    Hello! My name is Angie, I come from France, and I currently work at the Internationalization Promotion Division of Toyota City Hall. In this article, I’ll be sharing my first experience of spring in Japan.
    When March comes around and the coldness of winter fades away, letting flowers bloom throughout the city, you can really feel the arrival of spring, which is the perfect time for some flower viewing! And in Toyota, there are tons of great spots for that.
    From March to April, I went around visiting some of these locations, and I was able to discover some beautiful places and flowers I’d never seen before. And now, I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite ones!

    Gardening Museum Kayutei

    At the Gardening Museum Kayutei, you’ll find 28 gardens, separated by theme. Pansy, camellia, tulip, cosmos… There are many types of flowers to enjoy. Different flowers bloom each month, so be sure to check out their website to plan your visit during your favorite flowers’ blooming period. There’s also some charming furniture like bench and table sets, which can be used as picture spots.

    Hirashiba Park

    From the middle of February until the beginning of March, plum trees are blooming at Hirashiba Park. There are three blossom colors: white, pink, and dark pink. If you look at them closely, you’ll notice that they have a cute round shape, which I personally like a lot. I feel like Hirashiba Park is the perfect place for a stroll while enjoying the plum blossoms on a sunny day. Of all the flower-viewing spots in Toyota, this is one that you can enjoy early in the year, so be sure to come by if you want a taste of spring in winter!

    Aichi Prefectural Greenification Center

    At the Aichi Prefectural Greenification Center, you can enjoy cherry blossoms alongside Yukiyanagi Thunberg’s Meadowsweet, a beautiful white scenery. The cherry blossom blending with the Yukiyanagi was an impressive sight.
    Plus, the Greenery Center is a wide place, so there are many more flowers to see. For example, I had never seen purple magnolia before; I found them very pretty. But be sure to check out the Greenification Center’s website to see which flowers are blooming before your visit!

    Kosema Ontake Shrine

    Kosema Ontake Shrine is a hidden spot not too well-known, where you’ll find a beautiful field of azaleas. I had never seen this kind of azalea, and I was truly moved by the beauty of this area completely covered in them. They have a rare and deep color between pink and purple that I found very pretty. You’ll be able to appreciate this beautiful color as far as your eyes can see.


    The weeping peach blossoms of Kaminaka, in Asahi District, are another must-see in the spring. In total, there are about 3000 weeping peach trees, creating a beautiful sight. The one-kilometer-long path surrounded by flowers is also perfect for a stroll.
    The vibrant colors of the peach blossoms left a deep impression on me, and when looking at them from a distance, the white, pink, and deep pink colors blend together, painting a wonderful picture. You can also find weeping forsythia: their yellow color contrasts nicely with the peach blossoms.
    Plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms… I only recently noticed how much they differ from each other by shape and color; they all have their own unique charm to appreciate.

    Next, I will be introducing you to spots where you can see the cherry blossoms.

    Cherry blossoms are probably Japan’s most emblematic flowers. There are cherry trees in France as well, but not nearly as many, and there aren’t lots of spots specifically set up for flower-viewing. All in all, we don’t really have a flower-viewing culture.
    However, I truly felt that cherry blossoms hold an important place for Japanese people. When spring is coming, TV programs and newspapers share their cherry blossom forecast, and when the first buds show their heads, Japanese people seem to become more light-hearted.
    On top of that, you can see cherry trees at nearby parks, rivers, and schools, without having to go to famous spots. This year, I was able to enjoy many cherry blossoms in Toyota.

    Suigen Park

    Suigen Park is one of Toyota’s famous spots for cherry blossom viewing. About 400 trees have been arranged at this spot, situated on the right bank of the Yahagi River. I was surprised to see that even on a rainy weekday, lots of people came to admire them. It’s a great spot to spread out a sheet and enjoy a picnic while doing some chit-chatting.

    Sakura-Tei Horyukaku Seasonal Cuisine

    I highly recommend having lunch at Sakura-Tei, a restaurant overlooking the cherry blossoms of Suigen Park. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by cherry blossom-themed decorations, immersing you in a spring-like atmosphere. From their hanami dango to their cherry blossom-shaped plates, everything will remind you of spring.
    There are some window seats with a view of the blossoms, so you can admire their pink hues while enjoying a delicious and traditional meal.

    Toyota City Folk Craft Museum

    This is another spot famous for its cherry blossoms. There are so many cherry trees that the whole place is dyed pink, and with the Yahagi River in the background, it makes for a beautiful scenery. If you climb up to the top of Maeda Park, north of the museum, you’ll be able to enjoy the view of cherry trees stretching out in the distance.

    These are all my recommendations for flower viewing in Toyota City. As you can see, there are lots of places worth visiting during the spring in Toyota. Each flower has a different blooming period, so don’t hesitate to come back many times to Toyota to see new sceneries!