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Toyota City, the home of Toyota Motor Corporation, is a vibrant mix of traditions and technology. The latest research organizations and industrial facilities are gathered here. Alongside that, there is, actually, abundant pristine nature and wonderful history.
An explosion of color greets you at one of Japan’s premier autumn leaf viewing spots, the magnificent Korankei Gorge. We hope you'll visit Toyota City, where the good old views of Japan can be found.

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Toyota MapToyota Map

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Four Seasons


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Hot Springs
The city of Toyota is blessed for having several onsen resorts within its area. Enjoy the traditional Japanese ambients at the hot springs inns that so allure both locals and foreigners alike.
Always a delicious treat to be found, be it the fresh Mikawa vegetables, or river and mountain catch such as Ayu sweetfish, or veal and boar meat, and even the famous Goheimochi rice cakes. Countless gourmet options from the rich natural settings of the Toyota countryside.