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    Year Round; Blueberry Picking Early July to Early September

    • Blueberry-no-Komichi\r\nBlueberry-no-Komichi\r\nBlueberry-no-Komichi\r\nBlueberry-no-Komichi\r\nBlueberry-no-Komichi

    Blueberry-no-Komichi has been in operation in the Inabu region since July 2008. Spend a leisurely time visiting this vast four-hectare farm with about 4,200 blueberry bushes, and eat your fill of fifty different varieties of blueberries. With no time limit and the option to pick some to take home, this is a place where you can enjoy blueberry picking to your heart’s content. Right next door is the cake shop Mako, which sells original goods made with freshly picked blueberries and scrumptious sweets. The blueberry plant itself will also grab your attention, with bell-like white flowers in the spring, fruit in the summer, and vibrant red leaves in the autumn. Pick up a blueberry plant at Blueberry-no-Komichi and receive detailed advice on how to care for it. By growing one in your garden or on your veranda, you’ll soon be able to enjoy your very own blueberries.

    Don’t forget about the exquisite blueberry sweets!

    The original products and sweets made with fresh blueberries at Mako cake shop are sure to satisfy. Offering blueberry tarts piled high with plump blueberries alongside other delectable desserts, Mako also operates outside of the blueberry picking season so you can savor delicious blueberry sweets all year round.

    Basic Information

    Address 〒441-2512
    Miyanozengo 1-5, Noiri-cho, Toyota City
    Cost Blueberry Picking
    ■ Early Jul. - Mid-Aug.
    Adults (junior high school age and above): 2,000 JPY
    Children (from age 3 through elementary school age): 1,000 JPY
    Take-home pack (100 g): 500 JPY
    ■ Mid Aug. - Late Sep.
    Adults (junior high school age and above): 1,500 JPY
    Children (from age 3 to elementary school age): 800 JPY
    Take-home pack (100 g): 400 JPY
    ※ Prices subject to change. Please check the official website.
    Business hours 9:00-17:00 (Last admission 16:00)※ Blueberry picking is on a reservation basis. Please make a reservation by calling or filling out an inquiry form on the official website. ※ Groups are also welcome
    Phone number 0565-82-3365 (Blueberry-no-Komichi)
    Parking 20 free parking spaces
    Closed Open every day during the season
    Location Blueberry PickingEarly July - early September※ Subject to change. Depending on the weather, the operating season may be longer or shorter.
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