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    • Kirakutei\r\nKirakutei\r\nKirakutei\r\nKirakutei\r\nKirakutei

    Located inside the grounds of the Toyota Sangyo Bunka Center, Kirakutei is a modern Japanese-style building built between the late Taisho and early Showa periods. Formerly a restaurant and hotel, many famous guests stayed at Kirakutei, among them politician Korekiyo Takahashi, Prince Takamatsu, and actress Yaeko Mizutani.
    In 1967, Kirakutei was no longer used as a business, and underwent renovations in 1982. Since being relocated to its present location, Kirakutei has been used to host tea ceremonies and other public events.
    With the rapid rise of urbanization in recent years, Kirakutei continues to represent this style of Japanese architecture as a place of historical significance.

    Basic Information

    Address 〒471-0034
    1-25 Kozaka-Honmachi, Toyota City (Inside the Toyota Sangyo Bunka Center)
    Cost Building Rental
    First Floor 3,500 yen/Second Floor 1,700 yen
    First Floor 3,500 yen/Second Floor 1,700 yen
    Business hours 9:00-17:00Morning:9:00-13:00Afternoon:13:00-17:00
    Phone number 0565-33-1531 (Toyota Sangyo Bunka Center)
    Parking Available
    Restrooms Available
    Closed Mondays, national holidays, and New Year's holidays (December 28 to January 4)
    Application Period For private rental, reservations available from six months in advance until the day of the requested use.
    Directions by public transportation From Nagoya Station on the Higashiyama subway line, go to Fushimi Station and transfer to the Tsurumai subway line (which connects to the Meitetsu Toyota Line from Akaike). Get off at Meitetsu Toyotashi Station and walk approx. 7 min.
    Directions by car Approx. 11 min. from Toyota I.C. on the Tomei Expressway

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