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    Takadoya Maple Leaves Festival



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    Located near the interesting Kuroda Dam in the eastern region of Toyota City, this spot is great to enjoy the autumn foliage that paints the whole premises in red and gold. And at this one-day event, activities for the visitors help them in spending a rewarding day into the nature! A Kei-Tora Mini-Pickup Trucks Market will be offering locally produced vegetables and other goods, together with an assortment of mountain food.

    Basic Information

    Address 〒441-2525
    Otagi-cho, Toyota
    Phone number 0565-83-3200 (Inabu Tourism Association)
    Parking Available, free of charge (cap. 30 cars)
    Location Otagi-Town Takadoya Marshes
    Directions by public transportation As the nearest bus stop is removed from the spot, moving by car is the recommended choice. However, the path from the bus stop provides for an enjoyable hike: from the Toyota-shi Station of the Meitetsu Toyota Line, take the Meitetsu Bus to Asuke and get off at Asuke Tamachi. Then take the Community bus to Donguri-no-Yu and get off at Mizubetsu. From here, it's a 45 min. walk (approx. 2.5 km) - walk 270 m northeast, then turn right at the Otagi crossing and go uphill through the winding road for 2.3 km (35 min.), the final bearing is southeast from the bus stop.
    Directions by car From Nagoya: Approx. 1 hour 10 min. (54 km) - From the Tomei Expressway, head south to the nearby Nisshin Junction (日進JCT - east of Nagoya I.C.) then change to the Nagoya-Seto Road, then to the Sanage Green Road (changes naturally). Exit at Chikaraishi I.C. (力石) turning left. Head east by Route 153 for 28.5 km (35 min.) until the Otagi crossing, turn right and keep on the winding uphill (then downwhill) road for 2.3 km
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