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    [Light-Up is Held] Dreams-Hues-Discoveries Fujioka Autumn Leaves Festival


    11/18/2022, 11/19/2022, 11/20/2022

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    An event that, for over 20 years, was continuously held under the title "Fujioka Fureai Festival," upon Fujioka's merging with Toyota-City in 2005 changed its name to its current form. However, the goals are the same: promote the touristic resources of the area and provide a venue for interaction and mingling, between both locals and involving visitors. Encompassing several venues centered around the Aichi Greenery Center (Aichi Ryoka Center), a place famous for the picturesque autumn leaves, this festival features stage shows, local food and other attractions.

    About Cancelled Events

    The Fujioka Autumn Leaves Festival is held every year in November, but in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19),the typical stage events have been cancelled.
    Furthermore, only nighttime light-up is scheduled to take place.
    Please see the official Fujioka Tourism Association web site below for details.

    About Autumn Light-Up

    Date: November 19th (Saturday) and November 20th (Sunday), 2022
    *Kise-Yabashira Shrine (November 18th and November 19th)
    Time: 16:30-20:30
    Place: Aichi Greenery Center, Kise-Yabashira Shrine, Ishidatami Fureai Hiroba Square, Shimokawaguchi-Osawaike Pond
     *When at the event, please cooperate with wearing a mask, social distancing, and other measures to prevent the spread of infection.
     (Those who do not comply may be refused entry)

    Basic Information


    Address 〒470-0431
    21-1 Saruta, Nishinakayama-cho, Toyota-City(Aichi Greenery Center)
    Phone number 0565-76-6108 (Fujioka Tourism Association)
    Parking Available
    Location Aichi Greenery Center, Shimokawaguchi-Osawaike Pond, Ishidatami Fureai Hiroba Square, Kise-Yabashira Shrine, Toyota City Office Fujioka Branch Parking Lot
    Period Autumn Leaves Light-Up November 18th (Friday), November 19th (Saturday) and November 20th (Sunday), 2022
    Directions by public transportation 1-From Nagoya Station, board the Higashiyama Line subway and alight at Fushimi Station.
    2-Change trains to the Tsurumai Line bound to Akaike and Toyotashi (may require changing trains again in Akaike - if changing trains in Akaike is not desirable, board the train bound for Toyotashi Station from Fushimi Station).
    3-Alight at Toyotashi Station and, from the East Gate Bus Platforms, board the Toyota City Oiden Bus bound for Kaminigi (小原・豊田線[上仁木方面]Obara-Toyota-sen Kaminigi Homen).
    4-Ride for 33 min. (fee 300 yen) and get off at Ryoka Center (緑化センター).
    Directions by car Just east from both Nakayama I.C. of the Sanage Green Road and Toyota-Fujioka I.C. of the Tokai Look Expressway.

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