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    Kitsune-no-Kamisori Orange Spider Lilies



    • Orange Spider Lilies of Inabu
    • Orange Spider Lilies of Inabu

    Keyaki forest on Mt. Natsuyakejyoga is covered with wild Orange Spider Lilies, known as “Kitsune-no-Kamisori” in Japanese. During the blooming season in the middle of August, the area is carpeted in beautiful orange flowers.

    Basic Information


    Address 〒441-2513
    Inabu-cho, Toyota City
    Phone number 0565-83-3200 (Inabu Tourism Association)
    Parking lot A few parking spaces are available at the trail's starting point.
    Restroom Available (inside Oidaira Park)
    Place Mt. Natsuyakejyoga and Mt. Okuri
    Holding time Mid-August to late August
    Access by car From Chikaraishi I.C. on the Sanage Green Road, head east on National Route 153.
    1 km after the intersection of National Route 153 and 257 (Inabu-cho Intersection), turn left and enter Prefectural Road 80. From there, continue 4 km until you see the signpost. Park and walk approx. 600 m.