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    ORBIT is a surf school and surfing goods retailer that rent out surfboards and wet suits. ORBIT also teaches SUP (stand up paddle boarding) at Suigen Park in Toyota City on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the morning and on Saturday and Sunday throughout the day. Why not try walking on the water of the Yahagi River with SUP? Those who have attended lessons at the school and safety training can also rent SUP equipment.

    SUP Experience School

    Days held: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings
    Saturday and Sunday all day
    (By reservation only. Please contact ORBIT with your preferred day and time)
    Place: Toyota City Suigen Park
    Fee: 6,500 yen/person (middle and high school students: 4,000 yen)
    Included in fee: SUP equipment set, wetsuit, and life jacket rental, plus instruction and guidance from Suigen Park to Kyucho Bridge depending on level

    SUP Rental

    Fee: 5,000 yen/day
    *Only those who have taken lessons and safety training
    *As safety is of the utmost consideration in water sports, only those with a basic level of swimming ability will be allowed to participate

    Surf School Information

    ■Rental School for first-timers
    Boards and wetsuits are available for rent at this surf school.
    After applying and arranging a plan according to your wishes, head out to the ocean together!
    Using a long and soft surfboard, learn the basic moves and experience surfing up through the take off.
    *Since a soft surfboard will be used, there is no worry of injury

    Fee: 6,000 yen/1 time, 15,000 yen/3 times
    Please rent a wetsuit and board
    *Pay at the store
    Number of participants: Up to 4 people (please consult for more than 4 people)
    Time required: 2 hours (including a rest period)
    Things to bring: A bath towel for changing clothes and sunscreen

    ■Technical School for serious surfers
    Those who purchase a beginner board set (board, leash, traction pad) and wetsuit will be able to specially attend courses for free.
    After arranging a time that’s convenient for you, ORBIT will meet you at the surfing spot. From the take off to maneuvering an off the lip, ORBIT will support you to become an advanced level surfer.
    *Please contact ORBIT by phone or email for details

    Basic Information

    Address 〒471-0025
    Sakahira Building 103, 6-3-4 Nishimachi, Toyota City
    Business hours 12:00-20:30(Saturday and Sunday 13:00-20:30)
    Phone number 0565-32-0575Email: info@orbitsurf.jp
    Closed Tuesday
    Directions by public transportation From Toyotashi Station on the Meitetsu Toyota Line, walk approx. 5 min.
    From Shintoyota Station on the Aichi Loop Line, walk approx. 5 min.

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