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    Toyota Oiden Festival


    9/25/2021, 2021

    • Toyota Oiden Festival
    • Toyota Oiden Festival
    • Toyota Oiden Festival

    53rd Toyota Oiden Festival Dates

    ・Oiden Sou-Odori: Saturday, September 25, 2021
    ・Oiden Festival Fireworks: Sunday, September 26, 2021

    The Toyota Oiden Festival is one of Toyota-City's biggest events. Residents form groups to dance to the Oiden music with their own costumes and choreography.
    The dancing takes place in two stages, with "My Town Oiden" held in various locations and "Oiden Sou-Odori" held on the last Saturday in July. Fireworks wrap up the evening with an impressive display of melody fireworks, Niagara Falls fireworks, star mines, trick fireworks, hand-held fireworks and more that draws about 360,000 people each year from the city and beyond.

    Basic Information



    Address Shirahama-cho, Toyota-shi (fireworks display)
    Fee Free * The fireworks festival has paid sponsor seats
    Place [Oiden Sou-Odori] East side of the Meitetsu Toyotashi Station
    [Fireworks Festival] Yahagi riverbank, Shirahama Park area
    Holding time [Cancelled] My Town Oiden: June 13 to September 5, 2020
    [Cancelled] Oiden Sou-Odori: September 26, 2020
    [Cancelled] Festival Fireworks: September 27, 2020
    Access by Public Transportation From the Meitetsu Line's Meitetsu Nagoya Station, get off at the Meitetsu Toyota Line's Toyotashi Station and walk 10 min. Also a 10 min. walk from the Aichi Loop Line's Shin-Toyota Station.
    LINK Event Information on the Toyota Oiden Festival Web Site